Film review: R.E.D.


Today, I watched this movie on TV. I haven’t seen it before, and desperately wanted to watch it. However, I was a bit disappointed. The movie started a bit strange. I didn’t quite understand the relationship of the girl (Sarah was her name I think) and Willis’ character. Why did they phone, although they obviously don’t know each other? I somehow didn’t understand that part. The first few minutes after that were quite funny, actually, especially when they met Marvin. He was quite funny :’D I also laughed at Morgan Freeman’s role as the perverted old man Joe :’D And Hellen Mirren was the most awesome :D A shame that she appeared so late in the movie. And I really liked her relationship with the russian guy :’D

However, I didn’t like what happened with Morgan Freeman, but maybe there will be an surprise in the next part ;D

I also thought that some scenes were a bit unrealistic, for example the scene he is getting of the police car while it is spinning, or the scene in which Marvin shoots the air bomb (I don’t what these huge things are called :’D)

I also got bored during the end of the movie. Somehow, the plot was a bit poor, especially the dilemma with the girl. How the hell can someone trip and fall down a hil???!! Not even I would be so clumsy.

I somehow think that too many famous actors can harm a movie more than doing good to it.

Final rating – 6/10: Some funny scenes, good fighting, and nice actors, but the plot was a bit disappointing.


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