Book Review: “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells


I finished this thin book in exactly 14 days which is a shame. The reason for this slow reading was not really because it was uninteresting. It was, but somehow, I could foresee the story. I don’t know why. I have never read this story. I have watched and read related movies and books, but this story was new to me. Furthermore, I couldn’t see any detailed character descriptions and developments. That’s what I missed a bit. And maybe that was the reason for my slow reading. Or it was the term paper.

Well, what I liked about this book was the scientific aspect to it. There were some quite interesting theories explained in this novel. I also liked that H.G. Wells mentioned my university town, Tübingen in this novel :’D I think that’s the reason I will never forget this novel.


Final rating – 7/10: Nice story, interesting theory. Teaches a lot. However, can get a bit one-sided without many characters


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