A-Z Challenge Day 26: W like The Weeknd, The White Stripes, Wolfmother

I am soooo looking forward for this post!!! It is going to be so much fun! I could really talk for hours about these 3 acts! They are awesome! Before I freak out any further, let’s begin!

1) The Weeknd:


Birth Name: Abel Tesfaye

Born in: February 16, 1990. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

Genre(s): PBR&B

Discography: House of Balloons (2011), Thursday (2011), Echoes of Silence (2011), Trilogy (2012), Kiss Land (2013)

Do I have to say more to this man?!?! He is uncomparable to anyone else! His smooth voice, the sexy tunes, and seductive lyrics make his music to another kind of experience. I can tell you that you have never heard anything like this before. I love his music, and I could listen to it the whole day, every day! Here is one of his master pieces. Have fun with it!

The Morning

Other Songs I like: High for This, Party & The After Party, Kiss Land, Crew Love, The Zone, Wicked Games, Professional, Belong to the World, Live For,…

2) The White Stripes:


Members: Jack White (Vocals, Guitar, Piano), Meg White (Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals)

Formed in: 1997.Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Genre(s): Alternative Rock, Garage Rock, Blues Rock,

Discography: The White Stripes (1999), De Stijl (2000), White Blood Cells (2001), Elephant (2003), Get Behind Me Satan (2005), Icky Thump (2007)

The White Stripes were one of my first favorite bands of all time! I listened to al of their albums, up and down. I loved, and still love their songs. I will probably always remain a Candy Cane Child, even if they are split up now (I was SO ANGRY!). They were a great band, with an all-time hit like Seven Nation Army. Their songs had their own value of recognition. If you hear a song, you will know right away that it is the White Stripes. You don’t need any explanations. It’s like Jack White’s voice and Meg’s simple drumming are a brand logo engraved in each song of their’s. You don’t believe me? Listen for yourself!

The Hardest Button to Button

Other Songs I like: Blue Orchid, Fell in Love with a Girl, Cannon, Black Math, We are Going to Be Friends, I Just don’t know what to do with myself, Red Rain, Hotel Yorba, Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground, Seven Nation Army, You’re Pretty Good Looking, Death Letter, Apple Blossom, …

3) Wolfmother:


Members: Andrew Stockdale (Vocals, Guitar), Ian Peres (Bass Guitar, Keyoard), Vin Stele (Guitar)

Formed in: 2000. Sydney, Australia.

Genre(s): Hard-Rock, Stoner Rock, Neo-Psychedelia

Discography: Wolfmother (2005), Cosmic Egg (2009), New Crown (2014)

Wolfmother are really really cool! Maybe you have heard of the band in the Jackass Movie. They were also part of the Soundtrack, and they fit quite well into the movie :’D Their song “Woman” was also the opening song for the Guitar Hero ad. The voice of Andrew Stockdale reminds me of a mixture between Jack White’s and Andrew Vanwyngarden’s voice. With the aggressive company of the instruments, the music becomes an explosion of sounds. Here is an example.

Joker and the Thief

Other songs I like: Woman, Vagabond, White Unicorn, Pyramid, Apple Tree,Witchcraft, …

So, unfortunately, we are at the end of this letter. This post was one of my most favorite ones of the A-Z Challenge :) W is a good letter.

What do you think? Do you have some favorite acts beginning with the letter W? What are your favorite songs?

Thanks for reading!


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