A-Z Challenge Day 25: V like Vampire Weekend, The Velvet Underground, The Vines

We are already at one of the last letters of the alphabet, and I am quite looking forward for V now. It is going to be interesting ;)

1) Vampire Weekend:


Members: Ezra Koenig (Vocals, Guitar), Rostam Batmanglij (Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals), Chris Baio (Bass Guitar), Chris Tomson (Drums)

Formed in: 2006. New York, USA.

Genre(s): Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Baroque Pop, Afrobeat

Discography: Vampire Weekend (2008), Contra (2010), Modern Vampires of the City (2013)

My friend Giulia told me about this band and also gave me their album to listen to. I actually liked them. Their music sounds very light, fun and easy-going. Although I don’t listen to them so often, I still wanted (had) to include them in this Challenge ;) Here is a good reason.


Other Songs I like: Giving Up the Gun, The Kids don’t Stand a Chance, Horchata,…

2) The Velvet Underground:


Members: Lou Reed (Guitar, Vocals), John Cale (Bass Guitar, Viola, Keyboard, Vocals), Sterling Morrison (Guitar, Vocals, Bass Guitar), Maureen “Mo(e)” Tucker (Drums, Vocals)

Formed in: 1964. New York City, USA.

Genre(s): Rock, Art Rock, Experimental Rock, Avant-Garde

Discography: The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967) White Light/White Heat (1968), The Velvet Underground (1969), Loaded (1970), Squeze (1973)

I love the sound of this band. The voice of Lou Reed is unique and so special. Their lyrics are beautiful and match the atmosphere of that time. Even their band name is awesome, somehow mysterious. They are justifiably one of the best Rock bands of all time. Here is another reason.

Venus in Furs

Other songs I like: Oh! Sweet Nothing, Run Run Run, Femme Fatale, Heroin,…

3) The Vines:


Members: Craig Nicholls (Vocals, Lead Guitar), Ryan Griffith (Rhythmic Guitar), Hamish Rosser (Drums), Brad Heald (Bass Guitar)

Formed in: 1994. Sydney, Australia.

Genre(s): Alternative Rock, Garage Rock, Post Grunge, Psychedelic Rock

Discography (Total 6): Highly Evolved (2002), Vision Valley (2006), Melodia (2008),…

The Vines rock! First heard of them in the movie Freaky Friday, back when Lindsay Lohan’s movies were actually good, and Chad Michael Murray looked hot :’D The music of the band sounds wild and awesome. Everything is in its right place. Nothing is too much nor too less. See for yourselves.


Other songs I like: Get free, outthataway, highly evolved,…

This was fast, right? Another letter is done, and you have 3 more new – more or less – artists to listen to. Hope you enjoyed it.

What are your favorite V-letter artists? What are your favorite songs?

Thanks for reading!



6 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 25: V like Vampire Weekend, The Velvet Underground, The Vines

    1. Yes, they are quite good, and evoke some high school memories in me as well :D
      Thanks for your comment. If you see some other favorite acts in my other posts as well, or want to share your favorite musicians with me, you can feel free to comment :)


    1. Yes, I forgot to mention Oxford comma. That was a great song as well :)
      Thanks! I am flattered :) It is a Challenge that takes play every year in april. It is the A-Z Challenge, and you can decide which topic you want to write about. I decided to write about my favorite music ;) I am happy that you enjoyed the post!


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