A-Z Challenge Day 24: U like U2, Underworld, Usher

This letter is quite hard, and I just found 3 artists with U that I know. I wouldn’t say that I listen to them frequently, but I do know them and like some of their songs. Let’s start.

1) U2:


Members: Paul David “Bono” Hewson (Vocals, Rhythmic Guitar, Harmonica), David Howell Evans (Leading Guitar, Keyboard, Background Vocals), Larry Mullen Junior (Drums, Percussion), Adam Clayton (Bass Guitar)

Formed in: 1976. Dublin, Ireland.

Genre(s): Alternative Rock

Discography (Total 12): Boy (1980), War (1983), Rattle and Hum (1988), Achtung Baby (1991), All That you Can’t Leave Behind (2000),…

The old men of U2 still rock it. Although I don’t listen to them so often anymore, I surely had a U2-phase. It was rather small and short to be honest, probably because they weren’t original enough in my opinion. I just got bored quite quickly. Still, they are talented and their songs have worth and depth. Here is one of my favorite songs.

With our without you

Other songs I like: Vertigo, beautiful day, One,…

2) Underworld:


Members: Karl Hyde (Vocals, Guitar), Rick Smith (Keyboard, Programming), Darren Price (Keyboard, Programming)

Formed in: 1980. Romford, Greater London, England.

Genre(s): Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Techno

Discography (Total 8): Underneath the Radar (1988), Beaucoup Fish (1999), A Hundred Days Off (2002), Oblivion with Bells (2007),…

I first heard of Underworld in the movie Trainspotting. I somehow liked the atmosphere that their music created. It reminded me immediately of a big city in the Uk. rainy, grey, but unique. The lyrics somehow have a slightly melancholic, desperate undertone. Still, they sound progressive. It is a great mixture of music, and to be honest, my favorite act of this letter :) Here is one reason.

Born Slippy

Other Songs I like: Cowgirl, To Heal, Two Months Off, Jumbo, 8 Ball…

3) Usher:


Birth Name: Usher Raymond IV

Born in: October 14, 1978. Dallas, Texas, USA.

Genre(s): R&B, Soul, Hip Hop

Discography (Total 8): Usher (1994), Confessions (2004), Here I Stand (2008),…

I guess that everyone of you knows Usher. He doesn’t only attract attention with his voice, but also, or especially with his dance moves. In my opinion, he is the smoothest dancer in the scene. His high-pitched voice has a lot of soul and causes a lot of hearts to melt. I, personally, am not so much into his lovey dovey songs, but to his more dynamic songs. And he surely has a lot of those as well. Here is perhaps his most succesful, and my most favorite Usher song.


Other Songs I like: Confessions, U got it bad, Scream, More, Burn, OMG, My boo,…

These were my favorite U-artists. A little bit difficult, but still manageable. We are soon at the end of the Challenge, already. How fast time passes.

What are your favorite U-letter artists? Do you have favorite songs?

Thanks for reading.



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