A-Z Challenge Day 23: T like Tame Impala, Temper Trap, Thieves Like Us

I am sorry that I couldn’t blog yesterday, but I was so super tired. In fact, I really wanted to write about this letter because it is going to be interesting :) Let’s begin!

1) Tame Impala:


Members: Kevin Parker (Vocals, Guitar), Dominic Simper (Bass Guitar), Jay Watson (Drums)

Formed in: 2007. Perth, Australia.

Genre(s): Psychedelic Rock, Dream Pop

Discography: Innerspeaker (2010), Lonerism (2012)

This band’s music is so wonderful. The way they sound will always stuck into your mind, so that you will never forget it. The reason for this might be them sounding so much like the Beatles. It is unbelievable actually. They must be the descendants of those mushroom heads. Here is an example.


Other songs I like: Feels Like we Only Go Backwards, Lucidity, Mind Mischief, Enders Toi,…

2) Temper Trap:


Members: Dougy Mandagi (Vocals, Guitar), Jonathan Aherme (Bass Guitar), Joseph Greer (Keyboard, Guitar), Toby Dundas (Drums)

Formed in: 2005. Melbourne, Australia.

Genre(s): Indie Rock, Indie Pop,

Discography: Conditions (2009), The Temper Trap (2012)

Each song of this band is so beautiful and unique. The sound, and the lyrics just make me feel so melancholic but at the same time full of energy that I get goosebumps all over my body. If I would have to decide upon one favorite song, that would be quite hard. It is even hard to chose one random song for this post.

Sweet Disposition

Other Songs I like: Love Lost, Fader, Science of Fear, Trembling Hands, …

3) Thieves Like Us:


Members: Andy Grier (Vocals), Björn Berglund (Keyboards), Martine Duverglas, Anna De Marco, Dani Imhoff

Formed in: 2002. Berlin, Germany.

Genre(s): Electronic, Electronic Rock

Discography: Berlin, Alex (2007), Play Music (2008), Again&Again (2010), Bleed Bleed Bleed (2012)

At first, I didn’t know that they were formed in Berlin actually. It is a swedish-american band. Obviously, they were more popular in Berlin first, which is also famous for its huge electronic music scene. Although I don’t think that this is pure electronic. I would even consider it more as indie rock or electronic rock. That’s why I love their music so much. They have beautiful, thoughtful lyrics and a touching sound. Here is an example.


Other Songs I like. Your heart feels, Forget me Not, Never Known Love, Headlong into Night, Drugs in my Body,…

I told you that it would be an awesome mix of bands :) I hope you enjoyed it! I like that two of them are australian bands. That’s really a coincidence :)

What are you favorite T-letter artists?

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 23: T like Tame Impala, Temper Trap, Thieves Like Us

    1. I chose many bands beginning with “The” for the other letters, because then I would have too many for the letter T :’D Actually, they can count as well, but I didn’t let them count for this Challenge :)


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