Movie Review: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


Last Week I watched this movie, and I loved this very much! The movie had something melancholic, but at the same time heart-warming about it. It is a movie about life, dreams, love, and hope. Ben Stiller really fits well to the role of Walter Mitty. I always liked him as an actor, especially comedy actor of course, but I think this movie was one of his best so far. I also loved that Sean Penn had an important role in this movie. I like Sean Penn, and it was cool to see him as a brave photographer :D

The movie in itself surprised me quite a lot, and it was one in which you can’t predict the ending of the movie. You don’t know if he will able to find the missing picture, or how he will find it. And the most interesting part is, the photo itself. You won’t find out what photograph it is until you have watched it to the end. That’s another thing I loved about this movie: The unpredictability.

Another thing I liked about this movie was the love for travelling. Seeing all those wild, dangerous landscapes was amazing and terrifying at the same time. I especially loved the fact that Walter Mitty was suddenly in the middle of an adventurous setting, although he was always only dreaming about something like that :D A fun fact that stretched itself through the whole movie was the manager of that dating platform who kept on calling Walter during his trips :’D The movie in itself was very easy to understand, and through that easy, light humour, it fit well into the concept.

Final rating – 8/10: The only thing I was a bit disappointed was the ending. To be honest, I have almost thought so, but didn’t want it to really be like this. However, if you like a wonderful, light-hearted story with beautiful landscapes, this is your movie!

Here is the Trailer:



3 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

  1. Ooh I am definitely intrigued now! I have seen the trailers and wanted to check this movie out, but after your review, now I HAVE to see it to see what happens (and what the photograph is!)! Great review, thanks for sharing! :)


    1. I am glad that I could help you a little bit with my review :D
      But I was thinking the same about the movie as well before watching it. I have read good and bad reviews, but no review led me to really really want to watch it. Then one day, I was bored and wanted to watch a movie, so I picked this up. And it was a good choice indeed :)
      Have fun with the movie ;)


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