A-Z Challenge Day 18: P like Phantogram, Placebo, Prodigy

It’s time for the letter P today, and I can say that it’s going to be interesting :) Let’s begin.

1) Phantogram:


Members: Sarah Barthel, Josh Carter

Formed in: 2007. Greenwich, New York, USA.

Genre(s): Electronic, Shoegaze, Trip Hop

Discography: Eyelid Movies (2009), Voices (2014)

This band sounds so different from any other band. Their music, the lyrics, their voices! They sound so astonishing! They let you feel melancholic and happy at the same time! Here is an example.

When I’m Small

Other Songs I like: Mouthful of Diamonds, You are the ocean, Let Me Go,…

2) Placebo:


Members: Brian Molko (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard), Stefan Olsdal (Bass Guitar, Guitar, Keyboard, Background Vocals), Steve Forest (Drums, Background Vocals)

Formed in: 1994. London, England.

Genre(s): Alternative Rock

Discography (Total 7): Placebo (1996), Without You I’m Nothing (1998), Sleeping With Ghosts (2003), Meds (2006),…

Placebo is a band that accompanied me through one of my hardest times during adoloscence. Their music always had this dark, melancholic atmosphere. I liked that, because even when I seemed to be a bright, happy, smiling person, I noticed to have a sad side to myself, just like any other person. Through the music and lyrics of Placebo, and of course the emotional voice of Brian Molko, I didn’t feel so alone. His voice, in particular, is so unique. It can’t be compared with any other singer’s voice. It is interesting. Not only his appearance is somewhere between male and female, but also his voice. I would say that he even has an androgynous voice :D I love that! Maybe because he is so in-between two genders, he can express a particular sadness in his voice. It just tears my heart apart! :'( And seeing them live (twice!) was amazing. Here is an example of that beauty in music and voice.

Without you I’m nothing

Other Songs I like: Every You Every Me, Lady of the Flowers, Bionic, Meds, Running up that Hill, Blind, Bitter end,…

3) The Prodigy:


Members: Keith Flint (Vocals), Liam Howlett (Synthesizer, Programming), Keith Palmer alias Maxim Reality (Vocals, MC)

Formed in: 1990. Braintree, Essex, England.

Genre(s): Electronica, Electronic Rock, Big Beat, Hardcore, Rave, Synthpunk

Discography (Total 6): Experience (1992), The Fat of the Land (1997), Invaders Must Die (2009),…

The Prodigy are so awesome!!! When I hear their music, I want to go crazy! Just as crazy as them :’D The way they mix their songs is interesting, and their songs stuck to your mind immediately. Plus, they have a strong recognition value. Just like this.

Warrior’s Dance

Other Songs I like: Smack my Bitch up, Voodoo People, Omen, Invaders Must die, Firestarter, Run with the Wolves, Thunder,…

P was an exciting letter indeed. All those bands here are full of some kind of energy.

What are your favorite P-letter artists? And what songs do you like from them?

Thanks for reading!


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