A-Z Challenge Day 16: N like Nas, N.E.R.D., Nirvana

Yesterday, I wasn’t able to post anything, so I will make two posts today. I was very tired the last few days, and still am to be honest. But I can sleep in tomorrow, because we have easter holidays the next 4 days now :) Best opportunity to listen to music then, right? ;)

So, let’s begin:

1) Nas:


Birth Name: Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones

Born in: September 14, 1973. Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Genre(s): Hip Hop, Rap

Discography (Total 13): Illmatic (1994), Nastradamus (1999), Hip Hop is Dead (2006), I decided not to mention every album anymore, especially when they have so many. Or else the posts will be too long. I will just mention a few.

In my opinion, Nas belongs to the best rappers in the scene, especially the rappers that established themselves during the 90s. I love his music. That’s really qualitative rap music with amazing lyrics. Here is an example:

Surviving the Times

Other Songs I like: If I ruled the world, Nasty, It ain’t hard to tell,…

2) NERD:


Members: Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, Shay Hayley

Formed in: 2001. Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.

Genre(s): Funk, Alternative Rock, Alternative Hip Hop

Discography: In Search of… (2002), Fly or Die (2004), Seeing Sounds (2008), Nothing (2010)

N.E.R.D. is probably one of the coolest rock/hip hop bands of the 2000s. They sound unique, but at the same time, every kind of person might like their songs, if someone who is a rocker, or a hip hop dancer. Their songs are awesome! Here is an example:

Everyone Nose

Other Songs I like: She wants to move, Rockstar, Hypnotize U, Lapdance, Spaz,…

3) Nirvana:


Members: Kurt Cobain (Vocals, Guitar), Krist Novoselic (Bass guitar, accordion), Dave Grohl (Drums, Vocals), Pat Smear (Guitar, Backing Vocals)

Formed in: 1987. Aberdeen, Washington, USA.

Genre(s): Alternative Rock, Grunge

Discography: Bleach (1989), Nevermind (1991), In Utero (1993)

I love Nirvana! They are one of the bands that shaped my taste in music, especially Rock music. And probably, they are important for so many other young people’s music development around the world, even for the further Rock Music that developped after them. It is a shame that they only lasted 7 years :/ Such a beautiful voice as Cobain’s is rare. It was full of emotions and rage. But I love that Dave Grohl continued as a drummer and singer in Foo Fighters. It is no question that the music of Nirvana was revolutionary. The lyrics were provocative, as well as the music itself. If any of you has never heard anything of them before (which shouldn’t be the case unless you live behind the moon :’D), here is an example:

Heart Shaped Box

Other songs I like: Smells like Teen Spirit, Come as you are, Where did you sleep last night, The man who sold the world, Lithium, All Apologies, About a Girl, …

This was the letter N mainly consisting of rather older artists of the Genres Hip Hop and Rock. I hope you enjoyed it.

What are your favorite artists beginnin with the letter N?

Thanks for reading!



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