A-Z Challenge Day 14: L like Lana del Rey, Lorde, Lykke Li

It is already quite late, but I mustn’t forget about the letter L, especially because of one of my most favorite femalse vocalists of all time.

1. Lana del Rey:


Birth Name: Elizabeth Woolridge Grant

Born in: June 21, 1986. New York, USA.

Genre(s): Champer pop

Discography: Lana Del Ray (2010), Born to Die (2012)

Here she is! One of my most favorite female vocalists! Her voice is divine! Her lyrics are beautiful and sad at the same time. Everytime I listen to her songs, I get a melancholic feeling of nostalgia. As if the stories she sings about are my stories. I somehow feel like I am the person in her songs. It is strange, but it needs great ability to convey such a feeling to a listener o.O Great job, Lana! And here is my favorite song

Summertime Sadness

Other songs I like: Blue Jeans, Bel Air, Diet Mountain Dew, This is what Makes us Girls, Without You, American, Gods & Monsters,…

2. Lorde:


Birth Name: Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor

Born in: 7 November, 1996. Takapuna, Auckland. New Zealand.

Genre(s): Art Pop, Electronica

Discography: Pure Heroine

I just began listening to her, and have to say that her voice is remarkable. Especially because of her age o.O she is so young!!! I can’t believe it! Actually, I thought about mentioning Linkin Park here, but because I don’t listen so often to them anymore (which is a shame, really!), I decided to take Lorde, since she is so new today :) Sorry to all the Linkin Park fans. But here is an example of her great music:


Other songs I like: Million Dollar Bills, Glory and Gore, Biting Down,…

3. Lykke Li:


Birth Name: Li Lykke Timotej Svensson Zachrisson

Born in: 18 March, 1986. Ystad, Skane, Sweden.

Genre(s): Indie-Rock, Dream Pop, Electronic

Discography: Youth Novels (2008), Wounded Rhymes (2011), I Never Learn (2014)

Of course, the singer of “I follow rivers” had to be in this challenge as well, deservedly, after creating such a hymn of youth. Her voice is beautiful and haunting, and her lyrics are very touching. There are some I really cling to very much. Here is an example of one of her great songs:

Love out of Lust

Other Songs I like: I follow Rivers, Unrequited Love, I know Places, Love out of Lust,…

So, the letter L was indeed a dedication to female vocalists :D I am happy about my selection, because they fit so good together. They could actually publish an album together :D That would be awesome!

What are your favorite L-letter acts? Which songs are your favorites?

Thanks for reading!


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