3 Days of Drinking

It isn’t as excessive as it sounds :’D It was just a little bit of drinking every day. Let’s start with the first day:

Thursday, April 10, 2014:

It was the party of my faculty, namely of the american faculty that evening. A few of my friends were even the organizers, but not me. Maybe it was better that way, because I only saw them scarcely on the dance floor. But let’s begin with the early hours of the evening. We met at 9 pm on the bridge with a few korean girls I met at the Meet&Greet I wrote about here. My friend Giuli was also there. Everyone had brought beer for themselves. Then we went down the stairs to the wall under the bridge and sat there, drinking, talking and laughing. It wasn’t that cold, so we stayed about 1 hour there. Slowly, we went to the party. In front of the building, we waited for two of our other friends. One of them, Eleni, was also in Korea last year, and now it was the first time to see her :D It was good to celebrate with all of them again. Soon, we went inside, and I also saw some of my organizer friends, Yasmin and Elena.

At first, we bought something to drink, and then we danced around on the balkan floor. We were quite a big group: 5 koreans, and 5 germans (actually, only my friend Rapha is a real german. Yen is vietnames german, Giuli is italian german, Eleni is greek german, and I am turkish german :’D a representation of the mixed ethnicities present in Germany, I would say). Well, the night started rather funny. Eleni and me already were familiar with the music, since greek and turkish music is similar to balkan music, so we taught the others how to dance. Some of the koreans were actually good in it. Yong and Yeonnie however, always banged with their heads and it looked sooooo hilarious! But it was so cool that they still dared to dance, although they didn’t know exactly how to do it to that kind of music :D Then, another korean girl I met that night, Yejin is her name, and Stella is her english name (some asians tend to give themselves english names), she had quite good dance moves on which reminded me at big city girls’ dance moves :D But they were good indeed. We were forming a big circle, and everyone had to go inside and dance for a while. Of course, everybody was looking at us :’DD But it was so much fun! I think the last time I had so much fun at a party was at the university party of my friend Giuli in January which I wrote about here.

However, the koreans disappeared some time at 11pm. After that, we went to another floor with the ones who were still left. Actually, only Yen, Giuli, Rapha, Eleni and me. Our friend Alex also came and my friends saw another korean girl whom I didn’t know. Then we dance at the mixed music floor. At first they almost only played german rap, but it got better after a time. We also met a student from the Tufts University in Boston. After our friends were all gone, Giuli and me were left with him. He was alone there, and we felt pitiful, so we danced with him. He wasn’t pushy, so we had a fun time. But we thought that he must have been high, because his eyes were half closed, but he still could dance and talk :D Towards the end, we lost him. But we were also tired and sat on a table next to the DJ. He has played awesome music, especially some electronic artists I am listening to but never heard at another party before, like Make the Girl Dance *o* Then, suddenly, we heard it: The tunes of Daft Punk’s harder better faster stronger. Giuli and me immediately looked at each other with big eyes, then at the same time, we jumped to the floor and began dancing :’D It looked like directly from a movie or a Comedy series x’D After that he played around the world, and then more electronic tracks that were quite good. While he was playing around the world, a girl came to ask him for a song I think. Giuli and me looked a bit angry at her now, because the music was so good. That’s why I then went to him and told him that he was playing awesome music tonight. I think he was happy to hear that. And somehow, I know him from a seminar I had with him I guess, because he studies the same as me as I found out from my friend Yasmin.

Another funny thing happened: Two unicorns came by (of course no real ones, but two people who were dressed as one), and they did a magic trick on me :’D IT WAS THE FIRST TIME A MAGIC TRICK WAS DONE ON ME! :’D AWESOME!

Well, in the end, we had to leave the party at about 3 am. I went to the train station with Giuli and Yasmin, but before we went to a kebap house to eat something. Well, I only ate a slice of pizza from Giuli because she couldn’t make it anymore. Yasmin ate a Falafel.

We made it on time for the time, although we would have almost missed it. I arrived home at 5 am, and had to wake up at 10 am in the morning, because I had to work at 2 pm. But I wasn’t tired at all!

Friday, April 11, 2014:

That day, we had great weather. Work was relaxed. I had one new pupil, a turkish boy in 4th grade, and he was so cute! He and the other new girl from last, Zaynab, are very good and cute pupils. It is fun to teach them because they seldom refuse doing what you say, and they also cooperate and tell you what they still have to learn.

In the evening, my friend Giuli had invited us to go drinking something at the bar Mauritius. He invited a few of her friends, also Sami, and the two vietnamese twin Linh and Trang. Another turkish friend of us was also there, KΓΌbra. We drank something, and then ate dessert. Giuli has already eaten a Snitzel at the restaurant. The rest of us was not hungry.


As a dessert, I had waffles with Nutella, and almost got a sugar shock. Unfortunately I haven’t taken a photo. My sister and me left a bit earlier, because we thought we would be going to Frankfurt to visit our family friends’ mother in the hospital.

Saturday, April 12, 2014:

That day, we actually wanted to go to Frankfurt to the hospital to visit our family friend’s mother, but we thought about what her sister said the night before. She told us that we might not be able to go see her in the room yet, so we would come all for nothing. However, we had already prepared everything and got ready when we then decided not to go. So, my sister and I decided to go somewhere else instead since we have gotten ready to go. The weather was still nice, so we decided to go to Stuttgart to relax at the Sky Beach instead, a rooftop bar which is filled with sand, deckchairs and palms. We found two deckchairs, and then bought some drinks. I had a Hugo (Prosecco, mint, elderberry juice) and my sister had a sky beach Limo (actually the same as Hugo, only without alcohol, but with ginger ale instead of the prosecco).


Unfortunately, the sun had disappeared as we arrived there, so it was a little bit cool. especially for my feet since I had to go barefoot on the sand.



Although the sun sometimes peaked through the clouds


After staying there for about 1 hour, we left and walked around the park a little bit, where also the opera is.




Duck Family :3 How Cute!!!

We also visited Dunkin Donuts, but this time we only had one Donut each :D

This Donut is called Heartbeat

So, as you can see, the drinking was not too excessive, not even on Thursday since I only had two beers ;)

But I am already looking forward for summer now!

Thanks for reading.


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