Translation course, and trainees honor of the best

Yesterday, I had my first English course of the new semester, my Translation 2 course, at a prof I wished to have one course so badly since I started my studys. He caught the attention of all of us during the orientation weeks of our first semester. He was bald, had tattoos, and a strong voice with a british accent. He seemed very excentric and interesting, so almost everyone wished to attend one of his courses. I tried to get in his translation 1 course last year, but didn’t get in, unfortunately. This semester, I got in and was so happy! Yesterday, I went inside the smallest possible room of my faculty, and saw many students who were already sitting. I was happy that I was on time, because the seats were getting scarce. In the end, more and more people had to bring chairs from somewhere into the classroom. Then, he also accepted a few more students for the course, although they weren’t accepted. He got an additional table from outside, and they placed it into the already filled classroom :’D It was kind of funny, but I think I won’t laugh anymore when it is July, because according to Watts (the profs name) we will have about 44 degrees in that tiny classroom :’D Humidity ftw!

Well, another thing I was happy about was the course itself. I am in a group of 3 other guys and we got the subject of subtitling for our presentation! *o* We will be the first group to present, but I am looking forward to it. And we won’t have to present during the summer heat then ;) After that, we can relax and concentrate for our in-class translations we have to hand in :) Furthermore, Watts said that we won’t have a written exam in the end. We will have an assigned translation to hand in during the semester. I think this is the best idea ever, because a written exam in translation doesn’t make any sense. He also said that it is too artificial. And he is right, because in real life, translators use any kind of dictionaries and information for their translations. I am quite happy about that! In my last translation course I got a 2,3 and I wasn’t that content. Now, I want to do my best. I am alredy excited and hope that it will end well. At the end of the class, we talked to him a bit, and he told us that a few semesters ago, even last semester, bachelor students couldn’t allow the translation 2 course for their studies. It was just an additional certificate. But now, we bachelor students can also do it. He told us that he will write to the study commission if anyone of us will decide to do a Master in Translation :’D I was actually thinking about that, so I hope I will be accepted for a Translation Master in the future :)

Another good thing about yesterday was that I saw my other friend Rapha who returned from Korea. I met her and Yen at the university’s cafeteria to have lunch. Before I met them at about 1.45 pm I was sitting at the cafeteria of my faculty building and doing my chinese homework, when I saw this:


After I was finished I went to meet Yen and Rapha at the library’s cafeteria. We sat for about one and and a half hours and talked about the difference of german and korean men, about our university courses especially chinese courses, and about our future travel plans :D I told them about the Japan day in Düsseldorf. I told them to join us as well :D And we also think about going to Hamburg one day. I am in love with Hamburg, and they both have never been there. After talking non-stop, I had to go at about 3 pm. I had to arrive early at home, because my sister had her honor of the best trainees at 7pm.

I walked home with my sister from the train station. She also left earlier from work in order to get ready. Later in the evening, we were ready to set off. I was already a bit excited for her, but I guess she was more excited. The honor event began with two songs from a band, then some formal men spoke about studying and learning a job. Finally, the honor of the best trainees began. At first, many other trainees went on stage, took their certificate and left. At the back, photos were taken. Soon, my sister came on stage, with 3 other girls. They were also taken photos of. My sister has done her training at a university as a management assistant of interoffice communication. She was the best trainee the university ever had, with an average grade of 1,8. We were all proud of her.

When the honor of the best was over, we heard a song from the band again, and then we were allowed to go to the back and eat and drink something. They had sandwiches and many different drinks like juices, sodas and bubbly. I drank a glass of orange juice. We didn’t stay too long after that, but it was a nice evening. I hope the best for my sister’s future :) she deserves it!

Have you ever been to such a honoring event before?

Thanks for reading!


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