Forever Young: The Long Bob

Today I finally managed to visit the hairdresser. As mentioned before, here, I told about my wish for a new haircut. I opted for the long bob of course, and here are the results:


It is very good from the length, and I don’t have to spend so much time styling my hair anymore. Although the hairdresser told me that the Bob is one of the haircuts which is the most difficult to style, I never had problems with that :) I once had a Bob, in 2009 or something like that. And it was one of the most comfortable haircuts I had. I also had a mushroom head, like this:

I think I was 17 or so :’D It was my crazy time back then. I also had crazy fashion :’D

Although I love short hair, and look skinnier with it, I will stick back to long hair again, because I look too young with short hair. But I thought it would be nice maybe to argue the advantages and disadvantages of long and short hair in this post for a moment :) I think it will help you if you are deciding over a new haircut or not.

Advantages of Short Hair:

  • Enhances your shape of face and might let you look skinnier
  • You look younger (can also be a disadvantage)
  • Easy to style
  • Good in summer
  • No need for a ponytail during sport
  • Looks modern and cheeky
  • Showering/Washing your hair won’t take you so long anymore
  • Brushing your hair only takes a few seconds
  • It can’t be easily tangled by the wind
  • Dries quicker

Disadvantages of Short Hair:

  • You look younger (Can also be an advantage)
  • According to statistics, men prefer long hair over short hair (of course there are exceptions)
  • You can’t style them into different kinds of tails, braids, or buns
  • Gets cold in the winter
  • Needs proper styling with curly or wavy hair

Advantages of Long Hair:

  • Good for different kinds of hairstylings
  • Keeps you warm in winter
  • Looks feminine
  • Good to play around with

Disadvantages of Long Hair:

  • Might look too scruffy
  • Too hot in summer
  • Do not dry fast
  • Get entangled in the wind
  • Take a long time during showering or combing your hair

So, I hope this helped you a little bit :D

Oh, and even if you don’t like your haircut at first, or seem sceptical, you will get used to it soon, and fall in love with it :) especially with short hair. It is like the sunshine after the rain. Well,not really, but I like to compare it :D Just like on this picture.

It rained earlier in the morning. Then it got very warm. This tree is nearby my house. When I have to go somewhere, I always pass this tree, and I am everytime so fascinated by it, but couldn’t take a picture so far. This time I did. I actually took a photo from another angle, and thought that would be a nice one. This one was actually just a shot because I wanted a second one. I actually couldn’t see anything as I took this, because the sun was blinding me. So I thought that this pic would not come out as good as the other one. When I arrived at home again, I looked at the photos again, an was amazed o.O How did I manage to take this photo without being able to see anything :’D Funny, isn’t it? Sometimes the best photos are taken when blind ;D

12 thoughts on “Forever Young: The Long Bob

  1. Love the new cut! I wrote a message on your recent blog nomination post and it wouldn’t post, so I refreshed and now I can’t find the post on you blog or my reader! Not sure what happened and apologies if I did something I wasn’t meant to!


  2. hübsch hübsch :3 obwohl ich ja sagen muss, dass ich deinen pilzkopf fast noch besser finde :D vllt liegt das daran, dass ich dich noch nie mit kurzen haaren gesehen hab. steht dir beides auf jeden fall sehr gut!


    1. haha danke!! :D Ja der Pilzkopf hat nen besonderen Platz in meinem Herzen ;D
      Jaaa, aufm Gymi wollten meine Freunde mich immer mit langen haaren sehen, weil ich immer kurze hatte. Und jetzt ist es glaub anders rum ;)


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