A-Z Challenge Day 8: G like Gold Panda, Grimes, Grouplove

Actually, sunday was break day, but I forgot. So I had my break yesterday :) Now, I am looking forward to continue posting. Here are my favorite artists for G

1) Gold Panda:


Member: Derwin Schlecker

Origin: United Kingdom

Genre(s): Electronic, Glitch, Folktronic, Minimal techno, Microhouse, Chillwave, Ambient

Discography: Lucky Shiner (2010), Half of where you life (2013)

I love the music of this DJ. They are so different from what I have heard before. And the band name is actually very clever and cute as well :) It is really worth a try. I don’t know how else to describe the songs. Here is an example:

Quitters Raga

Other Songs I like: You, Vanilla Minus, Snow & Taxis, …

2) Grimes:


Birth Name: Claire Boucher

Born: March 17, 1988. Vancouver, Canada.

Genre(s): Dream Pop, Electronic, Synthpop, With House

Discography: Geidi Primes (2010), Halfaxa (2010), Visions (2012)

I love Grimes! Her voice is dreamful, the music sounds like from another planet, and she herself has a unique taste in style. This is another kind of music you first have to hear. But I guess her one song is quite known already for some people. Here it is:


Other Songs I like: Oblivion, Heartbeats, Dream Fortress, My sister says the saddest things, …

3) Grouplove:


Members: Hannah Hooper (vocals, keyboard), Christian Zucconi, (Guitar, vocals), Sean Gedd (Bass guitar, vocals), Andrew Wessen (Guitar, vocals), Ryan Rabin (Drums)

Formed in: 2009. Los Angeles, California.

Genre(s): Alternative Rock, Indie Pop, Indietronica

Discography: Never Trust a Happy Song (2011), Spreading Rumours (2013)

This band is wonderful! When listening to their songs, I feel happy and sad at the same time. But they always cheer me up :) If you have never heard of them, here is a song that you might have heard somewhere:

Tongue Tied

Other Songs I like: Colours, Naked Kids, Girl,…

We are at the end of another post of this fun challenge. I hope you enjoyed it, and still will enjoy the songs :)

Do you have favorite artists starting with the letter G? What are your favorite songs?

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 8: G like Gold Panda, Grimes, Grouplove

    1. you definitely have to check those three out! They are wonderful! You can click on the video links or check them out at spotify :)
      Oh, Gorillaz was almost on this entry as well, but then I decided for Grouplove :) I also know a few songs from Gym Class Heroes. They are quite good as well :) but the first band you mentioned sounds very interesting. I am listening to them right now, and they have an interesting sound :)


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