The Ups and Downs of the Weekend

The Weekend was not as expected.

On Friday, I went to the university party of my friend Giulia. My friend Yen who came back from Korea also joined us and brought a friend with her as well. we pregamed in the car, and no, none of us was driving. A friend of my friend Giuli told us he could drive us, because he had to go by car anyway. However, he wanted to leave early, so we wouldn’t be driving back with him later.

When we arrived there, we watied for Yen’s friend, Hongye. She lives in Stuttgart, so she didn’t come with us. The car was already full anyway. When we were complete, we went inside and got a free Jägermeister shot. At first, I gave mine to others, because I don’t really like Jägermeister, and already drank a vodka-sprite mix. However, I gotmyself a Gin Tonic later, so it doesn’t actually make any sense :’D Later, we played a game on the dancefloor. We had to search someone for our friend from who she should get the number from. I decided for my friend Yen, my friend Yen decided for Hongye, and Hongye decided for me. So I had to get the number from a girl in a dress :’D it was awkward, but I acted as though I liked her tattoo and that was the reason why I wanted her number :’D And Hongye had to get the number of the DJ which she got :’D A funny game. Have to repeat it soon

Later, we saw Giulia’s university friends. One of them gave me his free Jägermeister coupon. I took it, but I don’t know why. I think I wanted to be bold :’D After dancing a bit, we went to the entrance to get a shot. I took it and it was ugly :S I hate Jägermeister!!! I was feeling very hot suddenly, and tried to cool down by hugging a guy’s leather jacket :’D Of course he was wearing it, and he actually was a uni friend from Giulia. He probably thought I was high :’D He had a liking on my friend Yen, but she is already in a relationship.

Soon, however, the floors were getting fuller, although the music wasn’t as good as imagined. We often went outside and sat on the chairs. Some idiots tried to talk with us, but we dumped them :’D The funny thing is, they slowly started to close the electro floor at about 2 am o.O What the hell??!?! So everyone had to go to the small, already hot and filled hip hop floor. We were barely able to stay there too long. Soon, Yen and Hongye left, because they were getting hungry and the party was getting lame. However, half an hour after they have gone, they were starting to close the party o.O We didn’t know what to do now, because the last tram was the one that Yen and Hongye took. So we all waited outside and talked with Giuli’s uni friends. There was one rich, wannabe rapper who invited us to his appartment for the after-show party. We refused because his roommate was a douchebag. He really was strange, and we both didn’t want to have a closer contact to that guy. Creepy I say!

Then we hung out with the other people. Some of them also wanted to go to the after party, but didn’t have any money to pay for the taxi. They tried to pursuade us to share a taxi with them, but we didn’t want to end up being the only ones paying, so we refused again. The tram arrived at about 5 am I think. At the train station in Stuttgart we went to McDonald’s and ate something. I was hungry like a bear, and every time the others tried to offer me alcohol when we were outside, waiting, I refused and told them that I wanted a hamburger. Yummy! I could eat one right now again!

After the food, we went to catch our train home, and suddenly I felt so tired, I could barely keep my eyes open. I slept the whole ride through. Poor Giulia had to entertain herself :/ But soon, we arrived. At 7 am, I arrived home. I got a message from Yen that she has also arrived at 7 am. Although there were some inconveniences, we had a fun time, especially at the beginning. Here is a fun toilet mirror selfie :’D


The next day, my sister wanted to go to stuttgart for midnight shopping. I actually needed a pair of shoes (Leo-chuck! Post is coming soon…), and some black jeans. The latter one, I finally found and I was so happy! I have also bought some nice summer goodies from H&M. A cute, bonbon-pink flattery skirt and a nice flower-print top.

Black Jeans: Mango, 19,95€
Flower Print Top: H&M, 9,99€
Skirt: H&M, 14,99€

I needed the trousers, and was lucky to find some that are priced very well, are stretchy, and fit perfectly on just like a second skin. The skirt was just love at first sight! Unfortunately, it is size 40, and has some strange black stains on it. I will bring it back and try to exchange it with another size. Fortunately, H&M is quite tolerant when it comes to exchanging items. And the top is something I wanted to have so badly since last year! But I will probably have to exchange this with another size as well, because this is medium and is a bit big. I think I will need small. But I am quite happy with my haul :)

But the really interesting haul is another one. Girls get hungry after shopping, so they need something proper to eat. Best, junk food. Sweet junk food of course.


We finally managed to visit the newly opened Dunkin Donuts Store at the train station in Stuttgart, and bought a 12er-pack. Of course we didn’t eat anything. We only tried 3 and brought the rest to our mother and brother. It was heaven, but we got a bit sick in the end :’D

It was a nice evening with a lot of clothes and more food! Hope to do it again.

Sunday was quite calm and boring. Actually, what did I do yesterday? I don’t quite remember. But one thing I do remember. We got bad news from our family friends in Frankfurt. The family of our friend Pelin, you know her from my Frankfurt trips. Her father called us and they told us the bad news. Pelin’s mother has a brain tumor. I was shocked! Utterly shocked! How could it be that this kind, warm-hearted woman got a tumor??! Life is so unfair! At first I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing, and didn’t realize it yet. But slowly, up until today, I saw the reality of it, especially while talking with my mom about it. It is not only for her that I am sad, but especially for her children. One of them is just 14, a girl. She is in the middle of adoloscence and needs her parent. I don’t want to think about the negative outcomes…

Anyway, on wednesday, she is going to get operated. When I think about it, I get afraid. Really, doctors and medicine students are the ones I really respect. For me, doctors are like superheros, or extraterrestials. I could never, ever in my whole life become a doctor!

On saturday, we are going to visit them at the hospital. Although the operation sounds scary, I am sure she will make it. But I am not sure yet if she will completely overcome it. I hope so much that she will do. Everything she needs now is support, mental support. I am not sure how I should behave on saturday, but I will just try not to look so sad. I want to look cheerful. I would wish it when I was her, as well. I am also thinking about buying her a good book. Maybe a story about cancer but with a happy ending. I am not quite sure yet if she will be able to read it. Maybe her mind will be too occupied with other things. But maybe by having a book to read, she can suppress the negative thoughts. I think a nice book can cheer up everyone.

What do you think? Is it a good idea? Do you have any experience with cancer? This is actually the first one close to us who has cancer/tumor. My friend’s mum had intestinal cancer in 2007. She died… it was a sad time when this happened. I have felt sad as well, but I tried not to cry. This was even bad enough, but now there is someone closer to us, and I am kind of afraid…

I will write about the visit after we arrive. Until then, you can still look forward for a few more cheerful posts.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of the Weekend

  1. Exciting weekend. Sorry about your friend with cancer/tumor. My sister in law has cancer. She’s still going through treatment. I was as cheerful as can be when I visited, but I broke down and cried. I gave her plenty of books but treatment makes it hard for her to read. She’s always very tired. I hope your friend’s mom gets better quickly after her surgery.


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