A-Z Challenge Day 6: F like Florence and the Machine, Foals, Frank Ocean

Or F like Indie Rock and Indie Rap ;) Here they are!

1) Florence and the Machine:


Members: Florence Welch (Vocals), Rob Ackroyd (Guitar), Christopher Lloyd Hayden (Drums), Isabella Summers (Keyboard), Mark Saunders (Bass Guitar), Tom Monger (Harp)

Formed in: 2007. London, England.

Genre(s): Indie-Rock, Indie-Pop, Indie-Folk, Art-Rock

Discography: Lungs (2009), Ceremonials (2011)

Florence and the Machine is a band that I discovered just 1-2 years ago, and fell in love with their magical indie-rock sound and Florence Welch’s strong voice. This band is like the best role model for Indie-Rock, and I am looking forward for the next album which will hopefully be published soon. If I had to decide on a favorite song, I would at first look through each and every song, until I could decide, but here is one in which you can clearly hear the harp and the soul of indie-rock:

Cosmic Love:

Other Songs I like: Strangeness and Charm, Dog Days are Over, Heartlines, Never Let Me Go, What the Water Gave me, …

2) Foals:


Members: Yannis Philippakis (Vocals, Guitar), Jack Bevan (Drums), Jimmy Smith (Guitar, Keyboard), Edwin Congreave (Keyboard, Saxophone), Walter Gervers (Bass Guitar)

Formed in: 2005. Oxford, England.

Genre(s): Indie-Rock, Alternative Rock, Math Rock, Dance-Punk

Discography: Antidotes (2008), Total Life Forever (2010), Holy Fire (2013)

I first heard about Foals in the TV-Series ‘Skins’ in which they played their song “Hummer” which was a blast! I wanted to stand up and dance to the music as the protagonists were doing on a party they have organized :D I have listened to one album after that and liked it as well. Their sound is rather crazy and moves the listener to dance around. Here is the scene from an extra of ‘Skins’:

Hummer (Skins – Secret Party):

Other Songs I like: Spanish Sahara, Milk & Black Spiders, Alabaster,…

3) Frank Ocean:


Birth Name: Christopher Breaux

Born: October 28, 1987. Long Beach, California, USA.

Genre(s): R&B, Hip Hop, Rap

Discography: Nostalgia, Ultra (2011), Channel Orange (2012)

I first discovered Frank Ocean on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s album ‘Watch the Throne’, and his voice interested me right away. He is a newcomer, I could say I think. I listened to some of his songs, and the ones I listened to were very clever, fun, and had a touch of nostalgia, for example the intro of his latest album begins with the opening sound of Play Station :D The rest of his songs are nice as well. Here is one.


Other Songs I like: Pyramids, Swim Good, Crack Rock,…

This was it! Another Day of the Challenge is over. It was fun, but also a bit challenging, since I don’t know Foals and Frank Ocean so good yet. Still, I love their music.

What are your favorite artists starting with the letter F? Which songs of them would you recommend?

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 6: F like Florence and the Machine, Foals, Frank Ocean

  1. I like Fantasia Barrino. I like all of her songs, especially the soundtrack from The Color Purple play she was in a few years ago. I also like Fred Hammond. He’s a gospel singer. Those are the only ones that come to mind right now.


    1. Wow, they are all artists I don’t know. But it is interesting how many different musicians and how many different tastes there are :) It is really interesting to hear about the taste of other bloggers. Thanks for your comment :)


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