A-Z Challenge Day 4: D like Daft Punk, Drake, The Dead Weather, The Doors

Today, I have 4 artists. I couldn’t decide, so that’s why this is the only letter with four artists. Let’s begin.

1. Daft Punk:


Members: Thomas Bangaltar, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo

Genre: French House

Formed in: 1993. Paris, France.

Discography: Homework (1997), Discovery (2001), Human After All (2005), Random Access Memories (2013)

Daft Punk are the most epic Electro-Dj-Duo in the Music World. They might be considered as mainstream from hardcore Electro and Techno fans, but in my eyes, they are greatest of the genre. Although their style has slightly changed over the years, you can still, on ever album hear that it is them! I know Daft Punk since my childhood. Back then, there were many anime series on TV. And then Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555 aired, an anime music video movie consisting of the tracks of the album Discovery. I guess all of you know “One more time”. This is the first video of Interstella 5555. It goes on, and with that, a story is told. I really love Daft Punk’s creativity. Apart from Interstella 5555, my all-time favorite video and song from them is this piece of art:

Around the world

Other Songs I like: One more time, Aerodynamic, something about us, harder better faster stronger, get lucky, Lose yourself to Dance, Technologic, Robot Rock, Prime Time of your Life, Daftendirekt, Da Funk, Rollin’ and Scratchin’, Digital Love, …

2. Dead Weather, The:


Members: Alison Mosshart from ‘The Kills’ (Vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion, keyboard, synthesizer), Jack White from ‘The White Stripes’ and ‘The Raconteurs’ (drums, vocals, acoustic guitar), Dean Fertita from ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ (lead guitar, organ, piano, bass guitar, synthesizer, background vocals), Jack Lawrence from ‘The Raconteurs’ and ‘The Greenhornes’ (guitar, bass guitar, drums, background vocals)

Genre: Alternativ Rock, Blues Rock, Garage Rock

Formed in: 2009. Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Discography: Horehound (2009), Sea of Cowards (2010)

I was, and still am, quite obsessed with this band! They were formed by the best Rock singer and guitar player of our generation: Jack White! I envy him because of his creativity and his several projects. After the White Stripes broke up, their fans were not left disappointed. Also Alison Mosshart who is something like a fashion and music heroine for me. The music of this band is crazy, violent, strong, and fun. I love them! And they are awesome at their life performances. Here is a badass video with one of their best songs:

Treat me Like your mother

Other songs I like: Blue Blood Blues, Hustle and Cuss, Gasoline, I can’t hear you, Looking at the Invisible Man, Jawbreaker, 60 Feet Tall, So far from your weapon

3. Doors, The:


Members: Jim Morrison (Vocals), Robby Krieger (Guitar), John Densmore (Drums), Ray Manzarek (keyboard bass, electronic organ)

Genres: Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Formed in: 1965. Los Angeles, California.

Discography: The Doors (1967), Strange Days (1967), Waiting for the Sun (1968), The Soft Parade (1969), Morrison Hotel (1970), L.A. Woman (1971), Other Voices (1971), Full Circle (1972), An American Prayer (1978)

The Doors are, in my opinion, the best Rock band of the 70s. I love Jim’s voice, and the music, as well as the lyrics. Jim Morrison’s past was very sad indeed, and like all the creative brains, he was extremely shy and led himself to destruction by alcoholism. It is a shame that someone like him had to die so early. But maybe that’s why he has become a legend. And here is a good song:

People Are Strange:

Other Songs I like: Touch Me, Love her Madly, L.A. Woman, Summer’s almost gone, Back Door Man, Soul Kitchen, Break on Through, Gloria, Spanish Caravan, The End, Light my Fire,…

4. Drake:


Birth name: Aubrey Drake Graham

Born: 24th October, 1986

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap, R&B

Discography: So Far Gone (2009), Thank Me Later (2010), Take Care (2011), Nothing Was The Same (2013)

Drake! The cutest rapper ever! And it is remarkable, that his albums are getting better and better. This year was Drake Year. I became a huge fan instantly, after going to his concert in February. It was a spontaneous decision, since it was only 50€. At first, I wanted to go there because The Weeknd was supporting act. But I was also curious about his live performance, since I heard only postive things about his concerts. So we decided to go. And it was a blast, indeed. You can read about it here. And now, to my favorite song of his new album:

From Time (feat. Jhene Aiko)

Other songs I like: Hold on we’re going Home, Wu-Tang Forever, Over, Pound Cake (feat. Jay-Z), Crew Love (feat. The Weeknd),…

This was the D-letter artists. It is a bit longer than the others, but I hope there are some interesting acts for everyone ;)

What are you favorite D-letter artist/bands? Maybe some of the same as me? ;)

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 4: D like Daft Punk, Drake, The Dead Weather, The Doors

  1. I like your taste, Melancholy. Daft Punk is one of my faves too. I need to get they’re latest album. Homework is probably my favorite of theirs. Have you heard Underworld? I highly recommend you listen to their album Beaucoup Fish on headphones at high volume. Guaranteed to change your life.


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