Last Days of March

The last few days, I couldn’t find any time to post about my days anymore. But now I will shortly write about what happened the last two days. On Monday, I went to my university town to meet up with my mentoring partner from Egypt, Salma. We met at 4 pm and went to eat ice cream together. She is a very sweet and polite girl. We both like to talk and I think it is interesting for both of us to hear about the other one. She lives in a country, Cairo, which is so different from Germany. Of course it might have some similarities with Turkey which I also know a little bit about, but I have never lived there longer than 3 months. My longest stay in Turkey were 2 months for vacation. And Cairo’s political situation is a bit different to that of Turkey as well, although many think that Turkey is in a political crisis. I wouldn’t say that. I even think that half of Europe is in a bigger crisis than Turkey is (e.g. Spain, Greece,…). But back to the topic. I was very interested in her opinion about the situation and the life there, and she was positively surprised by Germany, about its green nature and the neatness of everything, especially the houses :’D Also, coming from such a big city as Cairo, to the little university town of Tübingen must have been quite a big change for her. But she has an aunt and an uncle living in Mainz who helped her get along the first days in Tübingen. She is staying for 2 years in Germany for doing her Masters in bio-chemistry. Another thing which is quite different from what I am doing. We talked a lot about science and languages, since my major is English language and literature. Her english is very good as well, and she will also attend a german language course. She is already a bit afraid of all the grammatical cases in the german language (Dativ, Akkusativ. I think they don’t really exist in the english language). But I am sure that she will manage it.

After sitting on the wall, looking at the river Neckar, and eating our ice cream (I messed myself up in a funny way :’D I had ice cream stains all over my trousers, even on my glasses! HOW did that even happen??!), we headed to go to the Meet&Greet of the international students. They have already organized a lot of snacks and drinks. At first the organizers introduced themselves and the activities for the following weeks. Then we started with opening a few bottles of bubbly, and everyone could at first meet other people and talk to them. Because I accidently bumped into a korean girl, we started talking with each other :’D it was very funny, because she was the one who said ‘sorry’, although I should be saying it. And then she started asking about our names and what we were studying and so on :’D Then, we started a conversation Yonnie (her nickname :D), even exchanged our facebooks :’D it can happen very fast with asian people, especially korean and japanese girls :D Our conversation was interrupted by the organizers who were handing out some sheets for a bingo game. Instead of numbers, you had questions and abilities that you had to ask the others. The one applicable to those abilities, had to write his/her name on the box. For example many people came to me because I had glasses. So I had to sign the box which says “Wears glasses” :’D A fun idea to talk with many people. After the game, it was just randomly chatting with others. I met the rest of the korean girls group, and there was one who was so funny, I died of laughing :’D the others probably thought I was crazy (which I am). Her name was Yong, and every time one of us said that she was very funny, she would refuse and say that she is a serious woman :DDD Then she teached me some korean (I forgot already :S), and I teached her some words in turkish and german :’D The group of those korean girls was almost like from a movie or a series. There were many different types. Yong was the funny one, Yonnie was the usual girl one, Siung Ae(I hope it is written correctly) is the sporty grown up one, Then there was one with glasses (I forgot her name) who was the sophisticated one, and another who was the fashionista :D It was quite interesting to observe that, because it is not often that there are many different types represented in a group of friends. Later, we went to get another cup of bubbly and started a conversation with a girl and a boy, Maddie and Greg, from New Zealand. At first, I thought the girl was actually german, because she was blond, and her german was actually very good. I also got their numbers, since they were the only english-speaking students I met there. I can better exercise my english by talking to them, and they on the other hand can exercise their german :) And they both are also very nice and easy to talk with. They are actually the first people from New Zealand I have properly talked to :O so I am really looking forward to meeting them again.

I am also looking forward to meet Yong and Yonnie soon again. After exchanging phone numbers with everyone I met and talked to, I left at about 7 pm (and it was still bright outside!) with Yong, Salma, and Siung Ae. It was really a fun evening and I am happy to start the next semester already :)

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures that day, but I am sure that I will soon be able to provide some ;)

Thanks for reading this (rather long) post.


3 thoughts on “Last Days of March

  1. Hi, I found your blog through the A to Z challenge. I’m not sure what your “b” theme is for today, but I enjoyed reading about the meet-up of international students :) I think that is one of the things I enjoyed most about university life, as well.


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