A-Z Challenge Day 2: B like Beach House, Blood Red Shoes, The Black Keys

The days have passed so fast. It is already the second day of April, and with that, the next letter in the Alphabet. I hope you enjoyed my taste in music. Today I’ll have some good artists, mainly from the Rock Scene. And here they are:

1. Beach House:


Members: Victoria Legrand (Vocals), Alex Scally (Guitar)

Genre: Dream-Pop, Indie-Rock

Formed in: 2004. Baltimore, Maryland

Discography: Beach House (2006), Devotion (2008), Teen Dream (2010), Bloom (2012)

It is another of those great bands that consist of one man and one woman (e.g. The White Stripes, The Kills, She&Him,…). I love that kind of music, because they try to leave the music simple and emphasize more on the lyrics, although I think that the music is unique in every way. Especially the music from Beach House. Even the bandname sounds like a dream, and so does their music. I have been listening to them for about 3 years now, and I can still listen to their same songs over and over again without getting tired. And here is one of the newest songs:


Other songs I like: Norway, Better Times, Master of None,…

2. Black Keys, The:


Members: Dan Auerbach (Guitar, Vocals), Patrick Carney (Percussion)

Formed in: 2001. Akron, Ohio.

Genre: Garage Rock, Blues Rock, Indie Rock.

Discography: The Big Come Up (2002), Thickfreakness(2003), Rubber Factory (2004), Magic Potion (2006), Attack & Release (2008), Brothers (2010), El Camino (2011), Turn Blue (2014)

I LOVE The Black Keys!!! This is the kind of music I will fall in love, over and over again. Rough Rock-Music, with beautiful lyrics, and a crazy tune! This is the Black Keys. And here is my favorite song of them:

Too Afraid to Love you:

Other Songs I like: Sinister Kid, Lonely Boy, …

3. Blood Red Shoes:


Members: Laura-Mary Carter (Guitar, Vocals), Steven Ansell (Percussion, Vocals)

Formed in: 2004. Brighton, England.

Genre: Alternative Rock, Garage Rock, Indie Rock, Stoner Rock.

Discography: Box of Secrets (2008), Fire like This (2010), In Time to Voices (2012), Blood Red Shoes (2014)

Aaaaand another Garage Rock band consisting of two people :) You can see, my taste for Rock Music seems to be quite similar. But at the same time quite varied with acts from different genres ;) But it was probably coincidence that the B-letter artists are all a 2-man-band and have the similar genre. Blood Red Shoes are the most Crazy I would say. The lyrics, as well as the music itself are made to rage around. It is hard for me to decide for one song to post here. I will just randomly pick one. I have to say, they both look quite hot in this video. WOW! And their voices are just amazing! British beauty, british music <3 Here you go:


Other songs I like: Heartsink, Don’t Ask, When we wake, You bring me down,…

This was it. I hope you enjoyed, and still enjoy the songs :) Thanks for reading, and listening!



10 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 2: B like Beach House, Blood Red Shoes, The Black Keys

  1. This is a great theme for the A-Z Challenge! If I were to pick a few B bands it would be Brand New, Balance and Composure and Bright Eyes. I’m looking forward to listening to all the bands you’ll be writing about!


  2. Hi

    I found your blog through the A to Z challenge :)
    One of my favourite bands which consist of the same dynamic is The Civil Wars. Their music is somewhat ethereal. I’ve not heard of those mentioned above but I’m now on a quest to go seek out their music and have a listen.

    Thanks for sharing



    1. Thanks for your comment as well :) They seem familiar, but I can’t really say that I know them. I have to check them up then ;)
      If you know The White Stripes, you could compare Black Keys to them a little bit. Blood Red Shoes could be compared to the Queens of the Stone Age or the Subways. When it comes to Beach House, I am not quite sure with which band to compare them :’D they are quite unique


  3. I’ve heard good things about the first two, Beach House and the Black Keys, but I haven’t found the time to listen. The Black Keys I especially want to hear. It’s a great name for a band.


    1. I know how you feel. There are also many bands that I want to listen to, but I never find time. Yes, the band names of all of the three are quite interesting and beautiful. The Black Keys would also fit to The Doors :’D Like, you need the black keys to open the doors of perception or something like that :D Never thought of that before.
      And the Blood Red Shoes sounds like this fairytale from Andersen I think it was.


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