A-Z Challenge



Here is another Challenge I am participating in for the month of April :) The idea behind it is to post on every day of the month about one letter of the alphabet, starting with A for the 1st of April, and continuing with B, C, and so on. On Sundays, we have a day off, so that we will come to the 26 letters of the Alphabet.

You can chose which subject to take. There are many different overall topics you can chose from, for example books, movies, travel, music, and so on. But you can also just mix everything up. I decided to post about my favorite music artists since I post very little about music recently. And because I have many posts ahead of me, I decided that a music themed challenge would save a little bit of words and time, because in the end, you don’t need much words for music.

Of course I will write my own opinion and add some information about the artists. I am already looking forward for it :)

If you want to join, you should sign up here.

I am sure that it will be a lot of fun doing this, and you will also get a lot of traffic on your blog. Plus, you can read about what other people posted on their blogs, and maybe there will be some topics which might be interesting for you :)

I am looking forward to posting about my favorites in music and also reading about others.



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