Important Monday

Did I tell you that I joined the mentoring programme again? Last semester, I joined as mentor for an international student. I got Merve from Turkey (she has the same name as me), and we spent fun time together while exploring Stuttgart and surroundings. We also joined in a trip to Basel. Now, I have joined again, and I got Salma, a girl from Egypt. We already wrote, and she arrived in Germany yesterday. I already looking forward to meet her soon.

On Monday there is also the Meet&Greet for the ones who still don’t have a mentoring partner. My friend wants to go there, and I want to go as well, just for fun. Don’t know if it is only for the people who don’t have a partner, but I don’t think so :)

I already looking forward to it, although it is also the day in which I have to hand in my term paper. I am on page 15 now, so I have 5 pages left. And I don’t know if I have to hand it in as a copy, or if I can also send it per e-Mail. Last time when I had a seminar at that prof, I could also send it via e-mail. I’ll see. First, it has to get finished :)


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