Term paper update a.k.a No time for a better post

I am on my 12th page now. I have written 4 full pages today and feel proud of myself. Well, I still worry about my structure, but I read through my paragraph, and it actually didn’t sound awkward at all. I still have 3 books left to add to that paragraph. I think those will be about 1 or 2 pages. Then I can continue with my last paragraph. But I think I will still have a few pages left in the end… I just have be inventive a little bit and beat around the bush a bit ;D I will be so happy to finally finish this term paper. It is my last one before my bachelor thesis which will probably be next year. Maybe I shouldn’t be too happy about that :’D I am scared and have no idea what to write about in my bachelor thesis. Furthermore I feel very insecure when it comes to language, since I haven’t been abroad to further develop my english :S I hope Schottland will work out, but I have little hope… I will have to do the best about it, and force myself not cry about it.

Now, my back hurts, and I should get some sleep probably. It isn’t even that late compared to my weekend midnight sessions a few days ago, when I was typing hard into the keys to get a few pages. But it worked out quite well, better than imagined. Tomorrow I will have to go to my university town after weeks again in order to buy my train ticket for the semester. Plus I will give away some of the books I borrowed but don’t need anymore. Eventually, I will also meet my friend tomorrow. But in the evening, I have to continue writing :/ Whatever, from next week on, I will party hard :’D Until then, wish me luck ;)



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