Photo Shooting: 23.03.2014

I am sorry that there are so many days between my blog posts, but I am on a term-paper-writing-mode, so I only have seldom time for blogging. And besides my term paper, I also have a social life, so the time is rather short for blogging :/ I am quite sad about, because I love writing (but not for term papers), and I enjoy blogging here every time I do.

Because I am very good in time when it comes to my term paper, I decided to risk a blog entry ;) I already wrote 7 pages in two days (Saturday I wrote 2 and a half pages, and yesterday 4 and a half. I am impressed myself). So I “only” have 13 more pages to go :'( I have written two paragraphs from 4. So maybe, I will surely have to fudge a story by when it comes to the last few pages. I hope I can be inventive then :’D But I am optimistic when it comes to time management now.

On Saturday, I went to the Fitness studio with my sister. We exercised on the Cross Trainer which I love to do. Then she showed me the leg press, so I exercised there a bit. It was quite fun. Maybe I am not a very sportive person, but I like to do the things which aren’t exhausting and actually quite fun, like swimming or dancing. I wouldn’t say that I am a lazy person, but a poor student who can’t afford a fitness club membership :’D Of course, I could also go jogging, but I hate being dependent on the weather, especially here in germany. If I earned more money in the future, I would definitely want to become a member in a fitness studio. Plus, they have courses like Zumba, Step or Yoga, so there is also something which is fun, and not only monotone walking or pushing. That’s also what we did after the leg press. We went to the Zumba course, and it was quite hard that day. But at the end, we did a greek dance which was so much fun. I sweated like crazy the whole course, but it was definitely worth it.

Today, we also went to the Fitness Studio, but we only used the equipments. The Cross Trainer again, The cycler, the leg press, and two other devices which train your thighs.

Yesterday, on sunday, my sister had a date at the photo studio. It was a gift from our friend Giulia. She is also the photographer, so she didn’t have to rent a photographer. My sister also wanted me to come with her, so I agreed. And it really was so much fun! My sister also had many photos on her own, but at times, she wanted me to join. We did a sword fight shooting together, a crazy wig-musicians shooting, and a calm shooting on a sofa. Here are the photos:







The shooting with the wigs and the instruments was especially fun :D We exchanged wigs with my sister. I can’t decide which wig fitted which one of us better? What do you think? Does the Amy-Winehouse wig fit me more, or the Marilyn Monroe wig? I especially like the photo on which we jump. I look like I am flying, and my sister just looks so hilarious :’D I could look at that picture and laugh every time. There are many funny photos from that shooting, but I can’t post them all here :’D We really had fun shooting and and we all three almost died from laughing :’D I guess we would be quite unserious models if we did this as a job ;D

That was it for today. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Have a nice evening!

P.S.: It hailed today here in Germany >< I was really pissed! It was literally cherry blossoms next to hail corns…


8 thoughts on “Photo Shooting: 23.03.2014

    1. Hahahaha thanks :D I notice every time that I like acting very much :’D I couldn’t decide which wig I liked better. The blond one was more comfortable indeed, but the Amy Winehouse wig is just awesome!


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