Friendship Book

Do you know these friendship books from our childhood? Cute books with questions in that children give their friends to fill out. I had such a book as well, one with horses (I actually hate horses), and it was so much fun as a child to give them to your friends, family members and teachers :D And last week at the teaching school, one of the girls I teach gave her book to me :D She is still in 3rd class. I was so happy about that and had to smile. It was so cute, and I remembered my memories from my own childhood. I was also happy that children today still value such books and give them to their friends, instead of doing everything via facebook :) I have immediately filled it out that night last week. Here are some photos. I will just translate the questions and answers since they are in german ;)



Name: Merve Sakizli

E-Mail Adress:

Birthday: 4th of July, 1991

Zodiac: Cancer

Hair color: light brown

Eye color: light brown

My hobbies: Reading, writing, meeting friends, listening to music, watching movies,…

My dream Job: Translator or Author

My biggest Idol: J. K. Rowling


Favorite animals: Dogs, penguins, owls

Favorite music: Rock and Hip Hop

Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction, Lost in Translation

Favorite food: Lasagne, fish, Sushi

I like cats, because: They are cute

My biggest dream: Travel around the world

I wish you…: Success in life and at school, good friends and a happy future.

Your: private teacher and big friend, Merve Sakizli

Well, now you have also learned some things about me ;) I am already looking forward to give it back to her tomorrow. Sometimes it can really be fun and interesting working at a teaching institution.

Wish you a nice evening! Thanks for reading.


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