New haircut

My hair is wuthering fast like weeds :’D The last time I went to the hairdresser was in september which resulted in a layered haircut. Now, I would like to have something different. I was thinking about a long bob, or a pony. I had both haircuts before (I think I almost had every haircut, except for undercut and pixie). The pony would be a bit problematic, because I have a crown on the front left side of my hair. I had a pony in 2009/2010, and I always had to style my hair with a round brush and the hairdryer. Not even the straightener helped. I only had the pony for about a month or so. It actually looked good, but the styling and the repeated cutting were just too much.

Of all the ponys I have seen, I liked Zooey Deschanel’s the most. It looks free, but neat at the same time :)


The next possibility is the bob. I had a bob after my pony I think. It was a short bob, but it was very comfortable and stylish. This time, I want to keep a bit of my hair’s length and therefore would tend to a long bob. Here are some pics:

This Bob looks very nice. It is as long as I imagine. Maybe, it can be a bit shorter, since my hair might have split ends. But I also like how it looks at the back of the head. I would prefer mine without a pony, though.
I also like Olivia Palermo’s long bob. It looks neat from the front, and I like that it is not overly layered. I wish I could see how it looks on the back.
This haircut looks good. I love the extremity of the lengths in the front and in the back. Maybe the transition between front and back could be a bit more flowing, but still, I like it.

I will probably tend for the Long Bob, but I still have one day to think about, so, everything can change ;)



7 thoughts on “New haircut

    1. Thank you very much :) I am already excited to get a new look ;D I love short hair as well, and had it for a few years in the past. Unfortunately, I look very young with short hair, that’s why I decided to let them grow a few years ago :) But now I am a bit bored, and will try a mix between long and short :D But short hair fit you very well, indeed :)


      1. Thank you, I love my short hair and have tried growing it out several times, but to no avail, it just starts to drive me crazy and I chop it off again haha! New hairstyles are always fun, though, and it’s always fun to mix things up! :)


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