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Like I wrote yesterday, I went to an event in Stuttgart that supports Art and Culture and has organized a night in which people can read out their stories they have written. At 8 pm it started and I arrived there with my two friends Giuli and Sami. There we met our other friend Nina and her boyfriend Patrick. Nina and Sami also wanted to read out their story. Giuli and Patrick just came to listen. There were quite a lot people, about 50 or 60 I think. And 9 people read their stories. Most stories were about 10 minutes, but we also had some longer ones. The atmosphere of the event was very comfortable. Mostly, there were young people. There also was a little bar at which water, beer, and some soda drinks was offered for a little  contribution, dependingnon yournown generosity.

Well, the evening began at about 8:15 pm with a small introduction by one of the organizers. The first reader was a guy who wrote a story based on a dream. It was a bit hard to follow, and was long as well, but he had a perfect voice, like that of a dubber. The second reader was my friend Sami :D we both were so nervous right before we arrived there. And as she began reading my heart began beating as well. Firstly I felt nervous with her, and secondly, I would be reading after her. My friends’ story was based on an experience of amnesia she had after an operation. I loved her story. And here she is


She doesn’t like to see photos of her on the internet but this photo is so great! She already looks like a famous, busy author :D and her hat is awesome! I am sorry, but this photo just had to be on my blog ;)

Well, next was me, and I was very nervous. More people have come during Sami’s story, which was quite annoying. But now I had more listeners than the first reader. When I walked to the front I was shocked to see only ONE SINGLE chair, with a bright light falling upon it. There was no table on which we could put our papers or electronic devices, a tablet in my case. I sat and waited. Then I began and after a few sentences my voice already began trembling. But it soon got better. Only towards the end it began trembling again. And another awkward situation I was in, was that I had the urge to burp during reading. Of course I swallowed them, but it looked as though I would throw up :’D I shouldn’t have drunk so much water before reading out… And there was another awkward moment. Or rather, technical problems: While I was only on page 2 or 3 (out of 9), my finger accidently hit the ‘back’ button and my pdf data was closed. So I had to open it again. Then right after that, I accidentally opened the multitasking button and had to close it again. I said sorry, but the people just laughed :D Well, Advanced technology has many flaws when it comes to something like that: it can do more than you need :’D At the end, I even wished I could continue reading a bit longer :’D I know,  strange. And here is a photo.


This was probably the moment when I had technical difficulties :’D And I have just noticed that I have green hair xD

Next up was my friend Nina. She also used my tablet, so I was quite happy that I was not the only one who seemed geeky :’D Thanks Nina :’D Her story was in english (mine was originally in english as well, but I decided to translate it). Her story was based upon the novel “Less than Zero” by Bret Easton Ellis. One could consided it to be a hommage to that book, or even fan fiction. Unfortunately they didn’t take photo of her while reading (at least they didn’t post anything on their facebook page). Maybe they will add some photos later. If so, I will upload it here as well.

After her, we had a break. We chatted a bit, but then it continues. Now, a girl came with a very funny satire about Stuttgart and the Swabians. We were also supposed to find out which city she came from. It was Leipzig as one found out.

After her funny text, we had another funny read from the staff. A guy who read about the ups and downs of life. It was built like a monologue, and it seemed like he was mocking happy couples :D I liked it a lot! It was funny!

After him, another guy from the staff read his text. I can’t quite remember anymore what it was about, but he was the other technology friend who read his story from his smart phone.

After him, another girl read her story. It was a funny story about two boys (or men?) Who tell their lifes of living in a big city and wasting their evenings with getting drunk and hitting on women, on fat, german women :’D I laughed a lot at this as well.

The last guy was especially good. He was probably the oldest one of us, and had two stories to read. The first was like a love story. The second story was interesting. It was about the circle of life: being born, growing up, seeing colors, feeling emotions, having sex for the first time, having a family, and death of a dear person. One couldn’t consider it a story with a typical description of people and places. It was like a mixture of song and poem. He was also standing while reading and raised his voice at the important parts. “Screaming” appeared a lot in his text, and the colors of blue and red which stood for different emotions during the different events of his life. I had goose bumps while he, literally, performed it. It was the best story on that evening.

At about 10 pm it ended. They thanked us and we set off to go. There was no feedback or anything like that. But I thought it was nice anyway. I don’t know if I will ever participate in something like this ever again, but it was worth a try. In the end, we were all happy that we did it. And if you also write, I can just advice you to do something like this as well. It is nice to see reaction from the audience, even if there is mostly silence if your story isn’t funny :’D but silence is better than chatting, right?




6 thoughts on “KurzText Stuttgart

  1. Hey, hey, it’s one of the organizers, the one you can’t remember the story anymore a.k.a. your technology friend ;)
    I am very glad you liked our little evening! We definitively had a lot of fun enjoying all the stories and we are very glad all of you had the guts to read! I hope next time you will join us again – even though the readers didn’t get feedback for their stories…
    For everybody who is interested in evenings like that: find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raum42
    There we will post whenever we are up to something.


    1. oh my gooood!!!! I am so sorry! I am embarrassed now for my stupid brain :’D but sometimes my mind just runs off the track and I start daydreaming :’D But it really was a great event. I found the page and hope that I will be able to come for the next events :)


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