Pharrell Williams – Happy (8am)

Powerful beginning, lame ending, and a stalker woman :’D
The video really began great with 4 awesome dancers right away. I liked all of the first 4, especially the black woman with the purple skirt. Her dancing looked effortless, yet unique and smooth. Then there was the blonde girl with the roller skates. As a woman, I have to say that she moved in a very seductive way. It was nice to watch.
And then, the blondd surfer boy began dancing, and attracted the stalker woman hahahah :’D she was crazy! Followed them the whole song and filmed everything on her phone. I even first thought that the girl who joined after the first half of the song was maybe the daughter of that woman, but it didn’t seem so :’D it was really funny!
The last part of the video was nice, too. There was a little girl who could really dance!
But the last dancer was kind of lame. It was a young woman with bright blond hair and she moved soooooo slooooowwww…
But the rest of the video was very good.


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