Now I have been nominated for the 3rd and 4th time for the Liebster. I think I might call myself the Liebster Queen from now on. It fits as well, since I am german and this word is a german word (Liebster means dearest). 

I wont make the whole procedure two times again, but I will answer the questions I was asked from the two bloggers I nominated. It would be unfair, and I am not quite sure if I can think about 22 more facts about me and 20 more questions :’D

First, I want to thank the two bloggers again for re-nominating me. At first it is Searching the Clouds ( Her blog is very interesting and I like the topics she writes about, because it is similar to the topics I write about. And I was really happy about the compliment she did about my writing style :) 

The second one is Dana from Dana’s Sanctuary ( I like the poetical side of her blog, but also that she writes about her life. I like reading her posts, since they also have many pictures and videos. By that, they never get boring. 

So, now to the questions. 

 Questions from Searching the Clouds:

  1. If you could do one thing that you were guaranteed wouldn’t fail, what would it be? I would probably open my own tea-library-cafe :) A mixture of library, where you can either read your own books or lend them from there, while drinking some delicious tea, which you can also buy there. 
  2. What is your current favorite song? ‘From Time’ by Drake and Jhene Aiko
  3. Small cottage or huge mansion? Hmmmm neither of both, but if I had to decide, it would be a small cottage by the sea…
  4. What is your blog’s purpose? To spread my ideas, share my opinion, and tell my stories :) To hear different opinions as well, but also to arrange my thoughts and memories.
  5. If you could move to anywhere in the world, where would you move? I think I would try Japan, or South France. 
  6. Name one thing you couldn’t live without. Music.
  7. What is the most beautiful you have ever seen? The blue, glittering sea
  8. If you had to live with only one of your five senses, which one would you choose? Seeing. Well talking is overrated, not hearing is a bit unpractical, but I think I could rather live without it, and tasting and smelling make the food tasty, but without it, I could maybe loose weight :’D (don’t worry, I am neither obese, nor anorexic). 
  9. Quick, decide between reading or writing! Reading. I love writing, too, but reading is just more relaxing. And I do it longer than writing.
  10. What is your favorite dessert? Ice cream, or cheese cake, or mousse au chocolat,… or just anything? :’D

These were some interesting questions. Thanks :) Now to the other 10: 

Now to the questions from Dana’s Sanctuary:

  1. Where are you from? I live in Germany, but have my roots in Turkey.
  2. What is your blog mainly about? Books, Movies, Music, Food, and my life.
  3. Do you think your blog is sending a positive message in the internet? YesI think. Although I have some sad or depressive posts, I mostly try to find more interesting things to post about. And I never write hate-posts. That would really be ungraceful.
  4. What is the main point for blogging to you? Is it for fun or for building a career? Mainly is for fun. But while writing in english, I also think about the future. And if I should apply to a publisher, it would be of good advantage to mention my blog where I also write about literature.
  5. Beside blogging and writing, what other skills do you possess? An ability to learn languages efficiently. And dancing. I don’t do it professionally, but I just love doing it, and heared from many people that I am good at it.
  6. What is the book you’ve read and changed your life? Puuh hard. I would say the Harry Potter series now, but that would be too cliché. Maybe I should also mention some books from Haruki Murakami, like ‘Kafka on the shore’ or ‘1Q84’. 
  7. What inspires you?  Listening to music, reading different kinds of books and stories from all over the world. Movies might as well. And maybe my childhood.
  8. What kind of job do you have at the moment? I am a poor student :’D but I work at a teaching department part-time.
  9. How did you come up with your blog’s title? I tend to rather be sad when alone. Then I might literally drown myself in melancholy, when nobody is there to see me. Often while showering, or at the night in bed or before sleeping when I am writing. When I am around friends or other people, there is nothing to be seen of my sad side. It’s like I am schizophrenic.  But I think a lot of people prefer not to show their sad feelings in front of other people,  in order not to bother them. And then we just literally drown in our melancholy. 
  10. Why do you want to win this award? I don’t think that there is a winner from this award. You are already a winner when you get nominated. 

Thanks for your questions :) I really thought about things I wouldn’t have. Your questions really were chosen well. 

It was fun answering questions. To be honest, I really love answering questions (of course, not the ones at school or uni :’D). Now I am looking forward for more post from you, and the other nominees for the Liebster Award. 


4 thoughts on “Re-Nomination

  1. Thank you so much :) I loved your answers, I can’t wait to read more posts by you as well. I would like to ask you about the book 1Q84, I was planning to get it but it was HUGE, I don’t mind huge books if they are really really REALLY good, what do you like about it?


    1. Yes it is really thick but it consists of 3 books :) The book is quite good. It is so different from every book I have read. All books of Murakami are great! You have to try to read. In 1Q84 it is about parallel universes and it is an hommage to George Orwell’s 1984.


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