30-Days-Challenge Cooking/Baking – Day 26: Lahmacun

Today I made Lahmacun with my mum. It is similar to Pide (which I posted about before), only that this is eaten like a wrap, filled with salad and vegetables.

At first we prepared the dough. It is prepared like normal pizza douh, or the dough for the pide:


1 yeast

1/2 glass of sunflower oil

1 glass of milk


2 glasses of lukewarm water

Mix everything together. Add the flour in parts so that it is not too liquid nor too solid. Then knead the dough, and let it wait a little bit for it to spread out. In the  meantime we prepared the mince:

About 1 kg of mince

2-3 Onions

1-2 bunches of Parsley

2-3 green pepper,

A little bit of Black pepper

1-2 tbsp of tomato salsa

6 Strained tomatos

A little bit of sunflower oil

Garlic (you can decide how much you want to use, depending on the taste you want to have)

Cut the parsley, onions, garlic, and green pepper into tiny little pieces. Add them into a bowl, together with the mince and the strained tomatoes. Then add the salsa, sunflower oil, and pepper and salt. Now you can knead everything together.


Soon, the dough was ready as well, and we could begin. Pick a piece of dough which should be as big as a fist. Then roll it out into a medium circle or ovale. My mother did the rolling out, because I hate rolling out dough. I filled it with mince, and I didn’t save with it. I really love every dish that has mince in it. It is the best type of meat. I don’t like it too meaty, anyway.

Filling in the circles is quite easy. Usually, you put 2 tbsp of the mince mixture on it, then spread it all over the circle.  You can spread it until the border. And it is not dramatic if you have vacancies. I always tried to fill them by putting more mince on, but my mother said it would be too meaty then.



It took us quite long until everything was finished. We could also only put one tray with 2 big lahmacun inside. You can bake them between 180○ – 250○ degrees, depending on how fast you want them. We always changed the heat between 200 and 250.



This dish is really not hard to do. It just takes so much time. However, if you like doughy food, you can meet with friends and do it together. And if you have many trays and a lot of placd, the preparation part can take very short. Then you only have to wait for them to bake inmthe oven.

I loved this cooking/baking session. But I guess I don’t want any doughy stuff for this challenge anymore. Moussakka is still on my list though, and lentils soup. I hope I will get the chance to cook them. Looking forward for it.

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “30-Days-Challenge Cooking/Baking – Day 26: Lahmacun

    1. While making it or after baking it? When the dough is dry while making it, you should add some lukewarm water or milk. And if it is dry after baking thats normal. After taking it out of the oven, you should immediatley put them somewhere on a plate or a pot and close it. The warmth of the lahmacun will spread and make the dough softer :)


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