30-Days-Challenge Cooking/Baking Day 24: Pide

It was a fewweeks ago already that we did this, but I still want to post about it, because it is something yummy ♡ Pide is like the turkish form of pizza. The shape is a bit different, and the toppings are either made of mince or cheese. Ours were made of mince. 

At first, we prepared the dough.

1 yeast

1/2 glass of sunflower oil

1 glass of milk


2 glasses of lukewarm water

We kneaded the dough, and then let it wait a little bit for it to spread out. In the  meantime we prepared the mince: 

500g mince

2-3 Onions

Parsley (When cut into little pieces, it should fill a plate)

2-3 green pepper,

A little bit of Black pepper

1-2 tbsp of tomato salsa

A little bit of sunflower oil

We knead everything together into one mixture. 

When the dough was ready (When it has spread out enough), we started to prepare the pide. We decided to make them smaller so we can have more pjeces. My mom took little pieces off the dough and rolled them out into an ovale, approximately a bit bigger than a hand. Then I took a tbsp of the mince mixture and placed it in the middle of the little ovale. It is important to spread it all over but to leave about 1-2 cm on the edges. Then I closed the edges around the mince, so that the ends of the dough should build a tip. 



Looks yummy? It was indeed. Well, but that’s everything, basically. Not that hard, isn’t it? I am not quite sure how much we made, but I think we had 4 trays full, so probably we had about 20-30 little pieces. You can also do bigger pide. The classic ones are 3 times as big as the one we made. Then they are generally cut into pieces, so that you can eat them easily. Or you can make smaller ones, just like we did. Both taste incredibly good.

After baking them at 200○ degrees, for about 10 – 15 minutes (you have to check for yourself how long it takes), they were ready. 


It was an easy and fun cooking session. I am sorry for the unclear measurements, but my mom always cooks without measuring. She just estimates. Yearslong experience. I will try to cook/bake this again when my mom will be away :) 

Hope you enjoyed it, and found out new things about the turkish kitchen. 

Thanks for reading!


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