30-days-challenge Cooking/Baking Day 25: Mole Cake

I know it sounds strange, but it actually is called like that. It has been weeks ago, as well, but I hope I can remember everything well enough. 

It was a baking mixture from a german baking brand Dr. Oetker. The instructions were written on the back of the package. Yet, it was really hard to bake, yet it was fun. 

Here is what you need:

100 g margarine or butter

2 eggs

75 ml (6 tbsp) Milk

3 Bananas

500-600 g cold whipping cream

100 ml cold water

In the package are 275g baking mixture of cake base, and 160g of mixture for the coating. You should also have a springform pan and a bit of fat (butter or oil are also options. I think we used butter). 

First, we put eggs, milk, butter (or margarine), and the baking mixture for the base into a bowl, and mixed them with an electric whisk, first at lowest, then at highest level. When it is ready, spread the mixture on the springform and and sweep it flatly on it. Now bake it at 170○ degrees for 30 minutes. 

When the cake was ready, we put it out of the springform and put it on a cake plate. Now we hollowed the middle of the cake out, leaving 1 cm of the edge, and the base of the cake of course. The hollowed out part of the cake is important for later and should be roughly crumbled into pieces, then kept on a plate or a bowl. 

Next, the bananas should be peeled, and cut into halves, so that the flat side is placed on the cake base. Then we prepared the coating. At first we whipped the cream, then we mixed the mixture for the coating together with the cold water for half a minute with a whisk. Then mix the cream in two portions into the mixture. Stir only a bit,  then spread the cream on the cake, so that the bananas are covered. Then scatter the crumbled pieces of cake on top of the cream. It will look like a  molehill. That’s why it is called like that. However, you are not yet allowed to eat it. Put it into the fridge for 2 hours first. Then you can enjoy this magnificently tasty cake. It is my second favorite cake by the way, right after cheesecake. Well, here is what it looks like.


Chocolate crumbles hiding a creamy topping of bananas. Love in your mouth! If you have never eaten this, you definitely have to. Itmis not very easy to bake, in my opinion, but it is manageable. 

Thanks for reading again :) 


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