19.02.2014: Drake Live in concert in Frankfurt Germany

On the 19th of February, we prepared to go to Frankfurt for the Drake Concert. Wednesday morning, we set off to the big bus station from where our bus drove off to Frankfurt train station. However, the day started awful. I found out that I didn’t get into Erasmus that day. I was dazzled. We had to wait 20 minutes at the bus station, and then I started to waste my time with crying silently. My sister was confused and sad, too and told me to stop. After a few minutes I somehow calmed down, but  was still gloomy. On the bus I read a few pages but got tired very fast so I slept. On the bus, there were many other young on the bus who were on the way to the Drake Concert.

When we finally arrived in Frankfurt, we tried to waste some time by shopping, walking through the city, and eating something until our friend Pelin came. She had to work, and that’s why she came a bit later. But we fortunately didn’t have much luggage, since we only stayed for one day. After looking in some shops, we decided to go to eat at Vapiano, an Italian restaurant, until our friend Pelin came. 



It was very delicious but over too soon. At about 3.30 pm our friend came. We went to her car to put our things inside. Then we shortly looked at H&M because she wanted to buy some clothes she had seen a while ago. After that, we slowly set off to the concert. I decided to forget about Erasmus at first.

It was easy to find our way to that place. We left our jackets in the car, because we didn’t want to spend time with garderobe. We arrived in front of the doors at about 5 pm. At 7 pm they should let us inside, 1 hour before the concert. Fortunately, it wasn’t cold at all. There were already many other people standing in front of the doors. There was no possibility of trying to get to the front, at all. But the time passed fast, and we were finally able to get inside, at about 6 pm. There was a lot of squeezing. When we were let inside, we began to run of course. We had a quite good place. It was the 7th row on the right side of the stage. But we still had almost 2 hours until the concert began. The hall began to fill up more and more, also the tribunes. The disadvantage was that it got hotter, stuffier, and everyone moved closer together. It was harder to breathe now, and I often had Pelin’s thick hair in my face. It was really very uncomfortable. And while we raged about some adolescenting guys, and stinking people, it wasn’t long until 8 pm. 

And then, he came first, THE WEEKND! I was a fan of him first, before I began listening to Drake. His voice is so beautiful, and his songs have a distinctive style. I love every song of him. The new album is also great, especially Kiss Land, Professional, and Belong to the World are my favorite songs:

Kiss Land (official video) 

Live For (feat. Drake)

Belong to the World: 


Yes, he is on a Japan trip it seems :) Unfortunately,  he didn’t sing kiss land or live for. But he sang professional, belong to the world, and wanderlust from the new album. And of course a lot of his older songs. 



Image  Image 



I have to apologize for the bad quality of the photos. But the Weeknd was so amazing, I totally freaked out. He made us hot with words like “I will be sexy for you tonight, Frankfurt! I will make you come three time s tonight, Frankfurt!” :’D I would go again 1000 times to see him live, and Drake of course, because he just nailed it! I will come to that later.

After 45 minutes of seductive tunes, he shortly goodbye for a short time, because he already told us that he would come back on stage with Drake later. So, we waited 45 minutes, until 9.30pm. Pelin has already gone out, because it was too hot for her. There was also no chance for her to come inside again. And my sister was some rows in front of me. I have no clue how she managed to get so far. However, when Drake hit the stage at 9.30, everyone freaked out. He began with Tuscon Leather. Everything was shining in bright colors except for Drake himself. He could only be seen as a dark shadow, but then he went closer to the audience, and we could see him better. It really was a good start. And after that song, The weeknd already came on stage again for Crew Love. At first I didn’t notice him, although there was clearly his voice singing. I noticed him only after the half of the song was already over.


It was sooooo awesome how they performed together! I can’t belive I saw them both on stage. At the end of the song, we could see how much they like and respect each other as friends. 



They are so cute! How Drake smiles! My heart jumped :D I already liked the concert after only the opening act and two songs. 

Drake went on with some new songs. He often enough mixed some of his old songs, or his featuring songs with other stars. When he sang a part of From Time, my favorite song on the album, I hoped that Jhene Aiko would appear, but she didn’t :( Instead, he held the microphone to the crowd, so that we could sing her part. I was a bit disappointed, but the show went on. He played every song I can think of, and not think of. I think there was no song he didn’t sing. This was really great. Not everyone can do this. 







He also brought a fan, a woman, on stage and sang for her, touched her hair, and then hugged and kissed her. That really was cute from him.

Towards the end of the concert, a big, round catwalk was lowered from the ceiling above us. Drake walked on it and went round the whole catwalk, pointing at people on the tribunes and the crowd, and telling them that he sees them, like this for example: “I see you there with the 95’s sweater”, and so on. This lasted about 30-45 minutes or so. This showed how much he cares for his fans.


Then he went back on stage and rocked with us the last 30 minutes, until 11.30 pm. During the whole concert, especially at the last song which was Started from the Buttom, he didn’t save with explosions and fire shows. 


Drake is one of the most fan-friendly stars I know, and experienced myself. His show was truly amazing. He gave everything and more. I can say that this was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I even have to admit that I actually wasn’t that big of a fan of him. I knew and liked him but I didn’t know many songs from him, yet I have always heard ofmhis concerts being amazing and wondered how they were. So this was a good possibility to go and see for myself. And now I can call myself a real fan after seeing him live. I would go to his  oncerts again and again. I can’t even wait for the next time. And then I want to go to Berlin, because last week, at night, in bed, while I tried to sleep, but looked through instagram instead, I came across some pictures from the Drake Concert in Berlin. And then I read the comments and was shocked: Kanye West appeared as surprise act. Jhene Aiko and Juicy J also appeared. I almost cried. I couldnt belive it. Why did he bring everyone to Berlin? Why couldn’t he bring Jhene Aiko for us, and Kanye West to Berlin, I am not that interested in him. So unfair. But well, for the next time we will keep that in mind. Still, it was a good concert. Something I will never forget in my life. 

However, after standing 6 and a half hours, my whole body was a wreck. I could barely walk to the car. And I was so happy when we finally made it home to sleep. 

The next day, we had to run to our bus through Frankfurt city :’D but in the end, we made it. There were almost the same people on the bus back as there were on the bus on Wednesday. 

I am really sorry that I am so late for posting about it, but I was a bit busy then, with looking for other possibilities than Erasmus, although I am getting a bit lazy and hopeless by now… I will try my best to apply, but I am very hopeless by now. I don’t believe to get to study in an english-speaking country anymore.

A very hopeless end to such a great post. I didn’t mean it. So here is something to look forward to, namely some yummy Cooking posts. They are also quite a while ago, but I still have to post about them. So you can look forward for it. 

Thanks for reading :)



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