Movie Review: Gravity



Finally I have managed to watch this movie before the Oscars. I have wanted to watch it since it has come out, but I somehow couldn’t manage it. Later, I have heard from a few people that it was a boring movie. Although I am not bored very fast when watching a movie, I didn’t strive to watch it as soon as possible. However, I have read good critics on the Internet, and still wanted to watch it. Today, I finally did. And it was AMAZING! Simply mind-blowing! I enjoyed every second of that movie, and my heart didn’t stop beating. I was at the same time so effing scared. It also didn’t miss the emotional part, so that I almost was touched to my tears very often.

This movie had very few characters, only 2 to be certain. And George Clooney only appeared for a short sequence. However, I liked his character in this movie. He was a very pure and sympathetic character, so I was very sad that he disappears after about half an hour. Sandra Bullock is an actress I like very much, and I think that her Oscar for Blind Side wasn’t undeserved at all. And it also wouldn’t be if she won it tonight. It is a far more difficult job if you have to act without a partner. And if someone can do it so good, without using many words, only by facial expressions.

When it comes to the plot it is quite simple. For some people it might be a bit boring because there isn’t much happening or spoken, but I was so fascinated, because it told so much without many words. And I have never seen a movie similar to that. I am not able to compare it to any other movie. That’s why I love it so much. I mean there are many more other movies similar to Wolf of Wall Street or American Hustle. Even 12 Years a Slave. But I have never seen a movie like Gravity. And that’s also why it should win an Oscar.

Another reason for the Oscar of course is the technical part. The Sound was terrific. At one time, when she dreams seeing Kowalski, the sound goes off, and I first thought that something was wrong with my tv. The sound was always used in the right moment and increased the feeling of nervosity and anxiety. The song seemed to symbolize the stress and fear in Ryan’s mind. Also the visual effects and editing are categories which are almost certain to belong to Gravity.

Alfonso Cuaron did an excellent job! I can’t find any flaws in that movie. It was also good that Ryan didn’t have anyone on earth to reunite with, because that would have been so typical for Hollywood movies.

Final review – 10/10: Watch It!


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