Beyaz Show Stuttgart

Like explained before, My mom, my sister and me went to the show in Stuttgart. Originally, Beyaz Show is a very popular Late Night Show in Turkey. It usually takes place in a studio in Istanbul every Friday Night, featuring famous turkish actors/actresses, singers, and other celebrities as guests. Sometimes they even have celebrities from different countries, for example Paris Hilton or the football player Wesley Sneijder also appeared as guests. Beyaz himself was also as a guest in a Late Night Show in Germany, called  TV total, hosted by a german comedian Stefan Raab. And he, on the other side, was also in Istanbul at the Beyaz Show a few weeks after that. Actually, I don’t really like that TV total show, nor Stefan Raab himself. I am also not so fund of neither turkish nor german tv shows/soaps, but sometimes I really enjoy Beyaz show, because it really is funny. His jokes are great, and never hurtful (like other comedians who make jokes on the expense of others). 

 We saw that he was going on tour again in 2014, and decided to go as well. The tickets were quite cheap. 22€, and we had seats on the tribunes on the right side of the stage. We could see good, but the photos are a bit unclear:Image  Image 


Before the show began, there was a little runway show of wedding dresses outside in the entrance.


I liked this rosa pastell dress the most. It looks like a dream!

The show was really funny and entertaining. They also showed some people from the audience at times. Of course they didn’t show neither of us. And there was an outfit competition in the end as well, because one of the guests of that tour was a famous fashion professional, called Ivana Sert. Actually a russian (I think), who married a turkish man and lives in turkey as a celebrity now. The girl who won was a student from Frankfurt, and her outfit really was stylish. I already guessed it would be her. 

At about 11 pm, the show ended. It was a nice evening. Although it started with some train and weather difficulties at the beginning, we enjoyed it. 


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