A thought about Haruki Murakami

So I just finished Sputnik Sweetheart and before I will write a review about it in the next few days, I have to share my thoughts I am having right now: OMG! Murakami is indeed one of the greatest minds of our time! I am so happy that someone like him exists today in our time where it seems that good literature only remains 2 centuries in the past. Thereby I would see him as influential as other great novelists like Dickens or Austen. I had to say that. Furthermore he is one of the persons who inspire me, together with J.K Rowling. Maybe even more, since tonight. Right now, I had a perception, an enlightenment. While reading Sputnik Sweetheart I noticed many things in this book similar to the elements of Murakami’s other books I read. I haven’t read everything yet. Up until now, I have finished: “Kafka on the shore”, “South of the Border, West of the Sun”, “Norwegian Wood”,”1Q84″ (book 1 + 2). It’s not a lot, only a fraction of his work. But I think I know why he uses the same elements over and over again in his books. At least I guess I found out. It’s not because he is unimaginative. No, not at all. I think there is another reason for that.

I think every book of him is like a piece of a puzzle, and when all his books are put together in the right order, you can see the whole story he wants to tell by his books.  

How I got the idea? Well, first, it was not only because of the repetition of some elements in his books like cats, the moon, parallel worlds and so on. But it was the descriptions of some scenes that seemed so familiar to me. Could it be that the description of the moon at the end of Sputnik Sweetheart has to do something with some ports of 1Q84 with its two moons and different worlds? Could it be that Aomame (the female character of 1Q84,) the sex-driven woman is the part of Miu living in this other world? Longing for someone who is so similar K (in Sputnik Swetheart) who loves Sumire, ther person who on the other hand loves Miu/Aomame. 

Could it be that the cats in Sputnik Sweetheart escape to another universe in which they can talk, like the cats in “Kafka on the shore”? Could it be, that the little boy in Sputnik Sweetheart stands in so e relation to Tengo in 1Q84?

Could it be that Midori from Norwegian wood is the other part of Sumire who vanished into that other world? 

And have you noticed that the sexual desinterest of Miu can be compared to the one of Shimamoto from “South of the Border, West of the sun”? 

I have noticed all these things, and other than being bored of reading the similar things (like a few readers have complained), I found it more and more interesting reading similar elements and trying to compare and connect them. 

I also had the similar idea: Writing books which tell different stories, with similar elements, and in the end, forming the whole story when put together. That is my goal! Writing a big masterpiece. Many little things together creating one big thing. Just like the sun consists of many little, beautiful stars, all shinig for their own. Yes, that’s what I would love to do!


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