Pharrell Williams – Happy (3 am)

I didn’t like many dancers in this video. There were quite a few children with their mums in this one. It was funny to watch, but I am kind of against children trying to get famous or something like that. But I was so annoyed by this girl who was pulling her skirt down the whole time. I mean, you don’t have to wonder about your slip peeking through when wearing a mini skirt and at the same time dancing, or rather jumping around like a little child -.- How ridiculous.
I liked the guy who came after her. He wasa greag dancer. The one with the cap and the dark clothes. His moves were just amazing.

I also liked the girl with curly hair, the blouse, the knee-lenghth trousers and chucks. She danced really good.

But I liked the girl with the gymnastique band the most. I wished I could do that, as well. Actually, I have already tried that at school, and it was sooooo much fun! But of course, I can’t bend up my leg like that :/

And yeah, I guess these were my favorites. Have fun watching it. 


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