Final Week of Semester

Now, my blog is full of Videos now :D I didn’t plan that, but I somehow wanted to sharemy opinion about the videos, which is really an amazing piece of art.

Well, now to come to my week. As mentioned before, I was in quite a stress before Thursday. I had to learn Chinese, and at the same time wanted to get a farewell present for my friend who will go to Australia this thursday for one year, to study there. On Wednesday I went to Stuttgart to get some shopping done. I also needed a pair of boots, but couldn’t find any. But I found a beautiful book with blank pages, and a book pile motif on the cover of it. I loved the book, and thought it would fit well to my friend. I then wanted to print out some photos of us and stick them to the pages together with writing something on my own. Unfortunately, I couldn’t print anything out. I didn’t have the app to do that, and it would take hours until I downloaded it there. So I thought, I would just write something cute and draw a koala bear :D The writing escalated a bit. I wrote on about 6 pages how we met and what we lived together. And then I drew this koala:


I am quite amazed how good I have managed to draw the panda :’D I thought I forgot how to draw, but actually, I am still good at it :)

I also bought a few books for myself from the bookstore:


I have bought:

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami (which I am sooo much looking forward to read)

Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall by Kazuo Ishiguro

I am already looking forward to my reading challenge this year. The post about it is yet to come :)

However, I was a bit disappointed after looking for boots, but not finding any. Sometimes, I really hate shopping… -.-

Well, the next day, my mood was better. Although therewas a chinese test to be written, I like it when I am around my friends. The morning didn’t start as well as thought, however. Some idiot commited suicide on the railways again, and so we had little difficulties arriving at university. But there was a bus organized to another town’s train station. We were only a few minutes too late for seminar, but it never bothers them. And it was the last week as well, so it didn’t matter.

During my break I met my friend who goes to Australia this week, Vali. We wanted to eat at the Chinese Restaurant but it closed. So we decided to go to a Pizzeria. And omg, the Pizza was heavenly!


I also gave the book to my friend and she loved it. Later she texted me and said that she had to cry and that she never received such a beautiful present :’) I was touched as well.

The Chinese exam wasn’t easy, but manageable. I am curious about my grade now. But I think I have to wait quite a while.

Friday was a fun day. At first I had teaching classes, then I went to the kitchen party of Vali to say goodbye to her. After that, another friend of mine, Elena, and I went to the Student bar/club, but it was just too full, and the music was awful, that we didn’t stay too long. But it still was a fun evening while we did stupid stuff at Vali’s room :’D She said she didn’t have so much fun for a long time now.

The next day I did literally nothing,  slept and read all day :’Dand yesterday, on Sunday, we went to Stuttgart, my sister and my mum, to watch the show of a turkish comedian, Beyaz, who is now on a tour around Europe. He is the funniest comedian I know, really.



Well, the quality is quite bad, but the show was hilarious :’D They also filmed the people in the audience, but of course neither of us were lucky enough :D And there was even a man who wanted to do a proposal to his girlfriend. And even that was rather funny than romantic :’D

The show ended at around 10:45 pm. Although the show was great, we were quite happy to return home.

It was a good final week of the semester. However, I am a bit sad about every semester ending, because it is always a sign of how fast the time passes, and how less I have achieved in this time. Of course, I have accomplished most of my seminars, but somehow I am not quite sure about what I have achieved. I hope I will find out as soon as I can get into the Erasmus program. I really hope that February will be nice.

So, thanks for reading,  and See you soon.


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