Pharrell Williams – Happy (2am)

The second part, and I just love the first dancers, the two asians. They are my favorites of the video and so far they are the best, especially the one with the red beanie. But I liked many from this video. The tall girl with the cap, the black girl with the Turqoise hotpants, omg her legs were awesome! *o* And the guy with the red hair, and the other black guy with the black beanie and the jeans shirt. I also loved when I saw the mum with the three kids :’D I couldn’t stop laughing :’D The little girl with black hair, cap, and nerd glasses was so goood!!! She danced better than some grown-ups here in Germany :’D
I really love these videos :’D I would like to continue watching, but I have to wake up early tomorrow :/ Unfortunately


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