Pharrell Williams – Happy (1am)

I have decided to watch all 24 videos because it is probably the best music video ever :D I have listened to that song for 2 hours now, and I still like it :)
In the first Video, the 1am Video (of course everyone can decide which video is the first and which is the last), I liked only a few dancers. The guys were mostly a bit boring, except for the two guys who danced together from which one was tall and thin, and the other was an Asian. They were so full of energy. And I also liked the tall blond girl with short hair and colored leggings. Her dancing was very entertaining to watch. And I also liked that girl quite at the end of the video with the beanie and the jacket on her hips. And the guy who came after her was great as well. But in my opinion, the best was that cheerful girl with the neon yellow pullover. She danced according to tbe lyrics and the atmosphere of the song: I got happy while watching her :)
Have you also watched the Video? Which part did you like best?


4 thoughts on “Pharrell Williams – Happy (1am)

  1. Isn’t it addictive?! I’m loving it so much! I have it on in the background when I’m at my desk and dip into it every now and then. It gives me a jolt of happy every time! :-)


  2. Totally agree with you. The girl with the yellow jersey was the best, like super energetic and getting the people around her hyped up. Who is she?


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