Let’s Celebrate!


I have 200 (201 to be certain), followers since today \^o^/ I know it’s not a lot in comparison to others, but I am proud that my blog is slowly growing and people actually like what I write :) I want to hug all of my readers here, and thank you all very much for following my blog, and liking and commenting my posts :) I always get excited when I see an orange-white star or speech bubble ;) I hope to be more active in the future, to still keep posting about the things I used to, and of course, to get discovered, and discover other blogs myself :) 

Another reason to celebrate would be the Chinese New Year which was however on Friday last week. I am a bit late, but better now than never, right? :D I knew it from my friend and my taiwanese mandarin teacher :D she talked about it last week after we had our oral exam which was quite good :) It is the year of the horse now, and our teacher told us that wearing red on New Year’s Eve is lucky. On thursday I will have my last chinese exam, the written one. I will be relieved when it is all over :) 

On friday, there is going to be a semester closing party and I am planning to go probably. My friend who will go to Australia on the 13th of February, is also going to be there \^o^/ I hope it will work out and the people will all come :) This year is probably going to be the last for most of us :/ But well, let’s see if I will get into the Erasmus program. I really hope so. 

But well, I am already in the mood of celebrating :) So here are some awesome songs I am listening to right now, mostly rap/hip hop.

The weeknd is probably going to be supporting act at the Drake concert I will be attending on the 19th of February :) I am listening the whole time to the Weeknd, Drake, and Jhene Aiko, and I realize more and more that the Weeknd are doing seductive bed-music :’D But I like it, not I really love it <3 

Well, this is not really a party song, but I love it and listen to it the whole time. They both are perfect together. I wished they were a couple <3 And the lyrics are so beautiful and sad :( 

“I love me, I love me enough for the both of us
That’s why you trust me, I know you been through more than most of us
So what are you, what are you, what are you so afraid of?
Darling you, you give but you cannot take love.”

So sad and her voice is one of the most beautiful ones I have heard. I think she’s more talented than Beyonce or Rihanna <3

Well, now maybe a more cheerful song :D 

Unfortunately it’s only a remix, but it still is awesome *o* It’s the first song I have heard from them I think and I fell in love with it. There is something about his songs that I like, something forbidden, dark and somehow perverse, but also beautiful and seductive. This song is one of the most perfect r’n’b/hip hop songs I know. It has everything needed. If you have spotify you can listen to it till your ears drop ;) 

I would like to post some songs of Drake here now, but somehow all of his videos are not available for germans :/ But I love listening to his new album “Nothing was the same”. My favorite songs are “From Time”, “Hold on we’re going home”, “Pound Cake which is with Jay-Z, “Own it”, “Started from the bottom”, in fact almost every single song *o* I listen to it the whole time when I am at home. And when I am outside I listen to Jhene Aiko and The Weeknd. Let’s see if I will get the premium version of Spotify. It is quite advantageous. 

Well, however, I am happy that the semester finally is over, although it passed so fast, and I still have to write a term paper in the vacations :/ At first I am looking forward for the awesome events and parties in February :)

And I have decided to avoid assholes in my life who don’t take serious what I talk about, or might think that I talk shit. Whatever, intelligence isn’t everything, it’s kindness :) 

Now thanks for reading :) See you soon, hopefully.



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