Book review: “Nathalie küsst” (engl.: “Delicacy”) by David Foenkinos

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Well, the second book I have finished by now, which needs to be reviewed. I began reading this book this week, and finished it yesterday. It was an easy read, quite easier than I have imagined, since it was a romantic novel.

My chef gave me this book for my birthday, which was a very nice thing to do :) I couldn’t read it right away then, but I wanted to read this book soon, becauss it was a gift. Now I have finished, and it wasn’t that bad. It even was a bit inspirational. There were some quotes of authors, artists or lyrics from songs, which made this book more interesting. These were the things I liked best about this book, I think those things made it complete. 

The title, the german one at least, fits perfectly to the story. I don’t know what the english title should mean, though. It is the riht translation still. The french one is called: “La délicatesse”.

When talking about the plot, it was very easy to follow, and the author only mentions the important things, that’s also why this book never got boring. An important plus point as well. Another one were the short chapters, so it was good for reading in the train, since I hate to stop reading in the middle of a chapter. 

It was quite funny, though, that the role of the Chef in which the main figure Nathalie works in, plays an important role in this story, since my own chef gave me this book. The workplace of this book becomes very important at the second part of the book, and this fit really good :D 

The process is quite easy to tell: How Nathalie and Fançois met, how he died, Nathalie’s pain and affliction afterwards, the flirting attempts of her chef, how she met Markus, Markus’ utterly sad past, Nathalie and Markus going on dates, the showdown :’D I won’t tell anymore, but this story is written in an easy, yet beautiful way, and conveys the heartly love typical for french love stories. Light, but touching. 

This book would also perfectly fit to the International Book Challenge I want to do this year. I saw it on a blog a few weeks ago, and decided to do it as well. In this challenge, I will try to read as many books from international writers as possible (that means other than english or german works). So the first international book for this year was managed, then, and it is french! Yeahy! 

Final review – 6/10: It is a light and beautiful read, and highly recommended for fans of french love stories. But for me, there was no further depth to the story. 


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