February Blogging Plans

Hey everybody! I am sorry for my poor blogging activity, but my chinese course is ocuppying me very good lately. Soon, we have exams, to be exactly, next week Thursday we’ll have an oral exam for which we will have to prepare a lot! We even have to do a skit in groups, which we will have prepare. That’s why I have to go to uni tomorrow morning, at 10 am. So another day with little sleep :/ Yesterday already was quite long. I haven’t been so tired in ages. I am not quite sure if I will be able to blog tomorrow, but I will definitely won’t be able to do the posts I am planning,  so that’s why I will have to do them in February, when everything’s over. I can’t wait for the holidays already, although I will have to write a term paper. But it’s going to be about Lolita, so maybe it will be quite interesting to do. 

 back to the topic, here are my blogging plans for February you can all look forward to:

  • Books of 2013: It will be about the books I have read last year. I know, I am abit late for that, but I couldn’t find any time in januray for a big blog post while I had to prepare a presentation. 
  • Book plans for 2014: I would like to do a Book Challenge, with the books I want to read. More about it in February.
  • Upcoming movies 2014
  • The Oscars 2014: I have also done a post about the Oscars last year. With the nominees I thought to be the winners. You can look forward for this post as well.
  • Hayao Miyazaki Movies: I decided to do a post about Miyazaki movies after watching “Ponyo” 2 days ago, and realizing how amazing his movies are. Also, the last ever movie of Miyazaki is out now (also nominated for the Oscars this year), which is a good (and utterly sad) reason for such a post. I haven’t seen every movie of him, but already quite a lot. 

 So these are my plans for February blogging. There will probably be more posts for that month, because of the Drake concert, Frankfurt, and my sister’s birthday. So you can see, February will be an active posting month. I wish you all are as much looking forward for it as i do. I hope I will be able to get to writing my term paper ;)

Thanks for reading!


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