Movie Review: Ponyo


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Finally I can add another Miyazaki Movie to my Already-seen List :) I love his movies, and I loved this one so much! Every movie of him has a different magic. I love anime in general, but Miyazaki’s movies have a different worth. They always have a  beautiful topic, typical characters, magical stories, and an artistic style. You can immediately recognise  a Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli Movie :)

In this case, Ponyo has a quite simple story, when compared with Miyazaki’s earlier movies. It is about friendship, love, trust, and acceptance. It has so much to teach, not only for children, but also for adults, maybe especially for them, because they often do not appreciate other people for who they are, but judge them for who they aren’t. Nowadays, many adults look for people who are perfect. But this movie shows to accept and love a person, even if he/she is different. This movie is so heart-warmingly beautiful. It makes you want to forget the world for a few hours.

What I also like about Miyazaki’s movies is the depiction of the nature. In all of his movies, we can find a certain setting in the nature. This place is always depicted as a beautiful place full of life, and a place where all the magic takes place. There doesn’t have to be a ljttle creature like Ponyo in the sea, or a big friend in the woods to make those places beautiful. If we appreciate our nature enough, we can always find  a ponyo or a totoro in our nature.

I am really touched right now from what I have written. Everyone should watch his movies. But many people don’t appreciate such movies, because they think they are children’s movies with shallow subjects. However, children’s movies often have a deeper meaning than many of the adult, or real-life movies.

Final review: 10/10: Of course! Nothing less for Miyazakiand Studio Ghibli. I recommend all of you to watch this, or any other Miyazaki movie.


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