Uni party, Cocktails, and Orchestra

It’s been a week now again since my last post. I feel like I only have time for blogging at the weekends :S This week was so stressful.  I had to meet up a few times with my partner again to prepare our presentation which we will held on tuesday. Then I had a problem on the online platform of my university with my grades and had to go the examination office. But is hasn’t changed yet -.- I will check tomorrow again, and if there is still the same grade, I will go to the office hours again tomorrow.

Now the last few weeks before exams will begin. I only have learn chinese. I have an oral exam on 30th January and a written exam on 6th February. And else, I have to hand in a portfolio, and during the holidays, a term paper and another little essay. And of course the papers for Erasmus. I am so excited for February. It already sounds so good, that I really really hope that a negative message from the Erasmus department won’t ruin it.

Now to this weekend. On friday I had to work at the teaching school from 2-5 pm. It was quite stressful with one pupil I have. He is so hyperactive, I am clueless what to do with him. He runs around, never does anything for school, doesn’t listen to me, neither to other teachers, hits another boy all the time, and is just too loud. I know him for a few months already, but it never was so horrible with him like on Friday. And I was so happy after I read that his mother wants to cancel the contract.

However, I could let myself go in the evening. I went to the university party of my friend. We already started drinking on the way there. My friend has prepared 4 plastic bottles of Vodka mixed with sprite, 2 for both of us. We were already quite drunk when we got there, and inside, my friend ordered me drinks the whole time, but I almost passed out, so I gave them to other people the whole time :’D I still can’t remember a few things from that night, especially when I look at photos we took, I can’t remember when, and why we took them, and who the strangers are :’D And we fell to the ground maybe 36282837r6 times :’D however, we survived the evening/njght/morning. Towards the end of the party, almost everyone was gone. Only a few people were left. At about 7 am we left to eat something at a Kebap house. I only ate fries. However, we had a big problem there. There was a group of men, they were around 30-40 years old, and they looked like turks, only one of them had lighter hair and skin. One of them suddenly spoke to me, calling me Redhood (because of my red coat), and asked me for my name, because his friend who is a taxi driver liked me and wanted to go on a date with me. I looked quite perplex, and said that I am not interested. But they didn’t stop. While me, my friend with whom i came, and two other university friends of her continued talking, they interrupted again and again and tried to converse with us, but there was only rubbish coming out of their mouths. Then they insulted our friend that he was german, but couldn’t even properly talk. We started arguing with them, in a kebap house, at 8 in the morning.  Then they slowly stood up and wanted to go, finally. But the lighter haired guy came to us and started talking bullshit to our friend and pushed him. Then he totally flipped out and wanted to go after them to start a fight. We tried to push him back. It was hard, but the guys got away and our friend was in rage. The owners of the kebap house also came and tried to calm him down and told him to forget those idiots. They were so friendly :D

We sat there for a few minutes, then left. I arrived home at about 9 am. I think it was the longest night so far. But despite of all the problems, and my stained tights, it was a fun night. However,  I am sorry that I can’t post any photos of the evening, because I look very… unnormal. But here is a photo of my totoro purse which I always take with me when I go partying


Yesterday, on saturday the 18th we went to a bar to celebrate the finished exam of my sister. The bar is called Mauritius, and it has absolutely yummy cocktails only for 5€. I drank a cocktail called Dragonball, and you know what? It is the best cocktail I have drunk so far. I totally fell in love with it. It tastes like summer holidays at a 5-star hotel. There were many juices inside, juices of summer fruits, like pineapple or melon. Sorry, Cuba Libre, but I have a new favorite cocktail now :)


I ate a Vegi Pizza with my sister. It tasted so good. I want the same  again, right now.

Yesterday was a good evening, but I was so tired from the party on Friday, that I fell asleep at once yesterday.

Today, Sunday 29th, I went to my friend’s invitaion to the life orchestraof our university. She is also part of it, and plays the violin.


It was so beautiful. I always get goosebumps when I listen to classic music.

The weekend really was great. I am already looking forward for February, despite of the term paper I have to write.


3 thoughts on “Uni party, Cocktails, and Orchestra

  1. I once taught 2 kids like that. When one of them left the whole class cheered. They were only 6 years old. The class was so much easier to teach afterwards! Fingers crossed for the UK!


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