Busy First week

It’s been a few days since my last post. I am sorry,  but I was very busy with the first week of uni and preparations and worries for my Erasmus in England which I will hopefully experience this year. 

On tuesday I met up with my friend who also wants to do an Erasmus in England. We went to the office hours for the information. There were 4 other people as well and all had the same questions. The girl there gave us the application sheets and informed us about the whole procedure. We only need to give in those 2 sheets with our transcript print to the office there until the 15th of February. Then, one week after that, we will get to know if we get in. I am quite worried about it, because they only look at grades. For the US application I had to hand in more things, but it was easier to get accepted. I have an average of 2,6. The equivalent for the british university grading system would be second lower part. I think there could be a possibility of getting in but I am not so sure. It could also be impossible. I already have great plans for February, and looking forward for that month. So it will either be overly perfect if I will get in, or it will be a mess! 

At home, I filled the application sheet. For the 3 university priorities I have chosen Leeds University and Newcastle University. And now I can’t decide between Nottingham and Reading. I won’t take London, though, because the girl told us that it might not be in the program anymore. I will still have to collect info until tuesday. Next tuesday will also be an information day for Erasmus. We will go there and ask about applying through other faculties as well. 

On Wednesday, I had a free day, so I went to the newly opened Burger Bar in Stuttgart, together with my sister and friend. 


I got a Gigi Cheeseburger. It tasted quite good. We could see how they made the burgers. They were also not too big, just had the same size. And this was not enough with American fast food :D We went to Tasty Donuts and got a 6-pack Donuts. 2 Donuts for everyone :) 

While we were in Stuttgart, my parents went shopping in Outletcity Metzingen. They found a short-coat for me. In Purple!!! My favorite color, together with red <3 It was reduced from 65€ to 35€ from Esprit. 


I had to sleep early because next day would be a long one. 

Thursdays are my earliest and longest days. I also have calligraphy on that day. We practiced writing our names this week. Mine is quite nice. I will post a picture when we write it on nice paper :) After calligraphy, my other friend, Thanh, who also wants to do an Erasmus in England, went to the examination office. I still had some course certificates I had to administrate to my online account. But the office was closed, and they told me to come on Monday. So went to the cafeteria. I had 4 hours free now. I met my friends there, also my other friend who wants to do Erasmus in England.  Elena. We talked about Erasmus a little bit, and also other possibilities of doing an exchange year at a uni. One hour before our break was over we finally started learning chinese. 

I was so happy after that day finally was over. I was so tired like never before. And the next day would be early and long as well. Not as long as Thursday, but as early and maybe more stressful because I had to work. 

On friday, I woke up to meet up with my group partner. We have to present about the book of John Hodgman, “More information than you require”


We already have a structure now and also decided upon who is doing what. We haven’t yet finished reading, but it already is quite fun. I will have to prepare somethings for the presentation. We will meet on Monday again and on Tuesday we have to talk with our teacher. 

At about noon I returned to go working at the teaching school. At first I had older boys from classes 8-10. It was quite pleasant teaching to older students. But after that, I had my second lesson with elementary school kids. And there is a boy who is so loud and hyper-active. He never listens to anything anyone says. It was a bit hard with him yesterday. But it was very soon over. It really is surprising how fast time goes by when you’re busy. Sometimes I even think that we would need more time. 

At home I did nothing except drinking tea and hanging on Instagram. It was a wasteful friday evening, but I was just too tired to do anything else. Oh, but our tickets for the Drake concert arrived yesterday. It will be on the 19th February. So here is one point why February will be great. Furthermore, we will also attend a show of a turkish comedian who is doing a Germany tour. Then there is my sister’s birthday. And, my friends will return back from Korea. Then I also hope to get into the Erasmus program, and maybe find a job, too. So that’s why February will probably be a good month.


Today is my cousin’s birthday, and we will visit him tonight. Tomorrow I will then have to prepare my presentation. 

I also want to do a post about Movies in 2014, so you can look forward to that. 



6 thoughts on “Busy First week

  1. Leeds and Newcastle especially Newcastle have strong Northern accents. If you get Newcastle you may end up with a slight Geordie accent! Northern accents pronounce words very differently to the South. Add to this every town/region has it’s own slang! For the most part it’s easy understand. My boyfriend is from the town just below Newcastle, Middlesbrough which has a similar softer accent and I can’t understand some of things he says. I say ‘glarse’ he says ‘glace’ for glass. Not the best example, but you get it! He in return doesn’t always get the way I pronounce words. Nottingham is okay, not the most glamorous city. Reading I’ve never been too, but it’s very close to London and it quite centrally located for seeing the rest of England. It’s also closer to London airports than Nottingham. Hope this helps!


    1. Thank you very much for your detailed info :) I was aware of the british acents depending on the region, but I really wouldn’t have expected it to be so different. But it is so interesting *o*
      Yes, Nottingham is quite small right, but I have decided for Reading now :) In nottingham there are quite complicated rules for the course selections for Erasmus students.
      Thanks again for your help :)


  2. Best of luck with your Erasmus scheme! I have never visited Reading myself, but I can tell you that Nottingham University is really nice. It has an amazing campus, arguably one of the prettiest in England, but as has been mentioned, it’s worth pointing out that it’s not situated in the nicest of areas. I also have friends at Leeds and Newcastle who are very happy there.


    1. Thank you :) Yes I fell in love with the campus of Newcastle just seeing the pictures. My university town is also a quite small one, so I am used to small towns. But I have chosen Reading for 3rd priority now, because of the strict course regulations for Erasmus students :/


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