Last Day of Christmas Break

Today is the last day of the two and a half weeks of Christmas vacation. I wanted to do some stuff for university in these about 20 days. I have finished or at least began some of them more or less, but I still have to do a lot of things :/ 

  • Read “Lolita”
  • Write an essay about “Pride and Prejudice”
  • Read “I have blinded myself writing this”…
  • … and write a response to it
  • Write at least two more writing tasks for my Written Communication Class
  • Write a response about my own workshop
  • Write a response to my Oral Comm 2 speech
  • Buy and Read “More information than you require”…
  • … and prepare the presentation about it.
  • Prepare the paperwork for my Erasmus year in England

We had guests last weekend just before New Year’s Eve, sonI couldn’t do anything those 2 days. And on the day of NYE we had to prepare a lot, as well as the day after.

I have also looked for some jobs in the meantime just yesterday, but have to apply still. The problem is with the paper stuff like my grades from my A’levels. I somehow can’t upload them with my tablet… really strange. I will have to try with my sister’s laptop later. And I definitely have to buy a new laptop soon. Only with this tablet, it is a pain in the ass :/ 

So much to do, so less time… Now, I will start with the two stories I have to give in for my written communication course. 


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