Busy last days of 2013

As I already posted yesterday, I didn’t have time the last two days before New Year’s Eve since our cousins from Heidelberg visited uswith their husbands. And I also told that one of them has children, a 3-years-old girl Elif and an 11-months-old boy Kuzey. It has been a year and a half since the last time we saw them. Then, the little boy wasn’t born yet. In summer this year, my parents went to visit them in Heidelberg. Me and my sister couldn’t go, because we had to study that weekend. I bought the little girl some presents though. A Disney princess puzzle, and a painting booklet :) So cute!

On sunday afternoon/evening, they arrived. First, ย we had dinner, then, after introducing myself to her, I took her in our room. She and her brother were in a shock, because they didn’t understand where they were :’D I had little gifts for her. They were only those little toys from Kinder surprise. An Arielle figure, a Lillifee pony, a frog and a robot :’D I played with her later and somehow enjoyed it although it was quite unspectacular. I found out Elif loved Disney and new almost all the names of the Disney Princesses, from Jasmine, to Belle. We played around with her a little bit. She never got tired or hungry, only thirsty. She also doesn’t eat or drink anything except for pretzels, milk, cucumbers, and tomato soup. A very strange behaviour, indeed. But she is so cute and well-behaved.

All of her drawings consisted of random lines:’D
Little Kuzey with his mother. He just woke up. It was in the late evening.
So cute I am going to die!
There is a video to those pictures in which he doesn’t let go of his sister. He clunches his hands around her t-shirt and walks everywhere she goes :’D he is a big fan of his sister and always wants to follow her. So cute!

Kids are so cute :) They can be exhausting as well, I think, but I definitely want kids some day. For me, personally, the hardest part of having a child would be the act of birth. I don’t think that sleepless nights and full diapers would actually stress me out :)

The next day, Monday, our cousins and their husbands went shopping at Outletcity. We said they should leave the kids here. My sister, my mom, and me looked after them. My father also went with them to show them around. Before they left, we took the kids outside in our garden. We have a swing, and Elif immediately wanted a ride.


His outdoor clothes are so cute! Leather jacket and a pilot cap :’D

Our cousin told us that he has problems walking in his boots, and could more easily trip.

After their parents were gone, my mom went to the super market with Elif so she could chose something to eat. She wanted the colored eggs and a chips and crackers mix. Later, she even ate the crackers. The eggs, she only wanted them for their color and to feed them to us :’D While they were away, my sister and me were alone with Kuzey, and were a bit confused, because he was so calm. He noticed that something was different, but he wasn’t afraid though. He was just shying a little bit from us. He always wanted us to hold him on our lap and began crying if we let him walk. And he always covered his face with his drool drapery. We thought he was tired and tried to put him into bed, but he cried. Our mother arrived with Elif then and she told us we should feed him, maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to sleep yet. He just had breakfast so it was funny to see him hungry again. He only weighs 1 kilogram less than his 2 years older sister. He wants to eat everything he sees :’D my sister fed him, while I ate some crackers with Elif and searched a TV program with her. I found a cartoon and she leaned back.


Later, I had to prepare for the ballet Swan Lake I wanted to see in the evening. As I went to take a shower, Elif wanted to stay in the bathroom while I was showering. She sat on the toilet and talked with me, but after a few minutes she left. Before I left, I said goodbye to her because I thought they wanted to leave in the evening, so I wouldn’t manage to see them. So I kissed he on the cheeks with my lipsrick on :’D


Later my sister told me that she didn’t want her to wipe them away :’D aaawww!

When I came home,I found out they were still here. They were too tired from shopping and my dad insisted. Kuzey was already asleep, and Elif soon fell asleep as well.

The next morning they left soon. Elif was sad that they were leaving, and didn’t want to go home anymore :’D We said goodbye to them, and they left. I am already looking forward for the next time to see them.


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