New Year’s Eve 2013/2014

This is the firstbpost of the new year now. I just came to write now, because we woke up at 2 pm today and had to clean and tidy up the house.

Yesterday was finally the last day of 2013 which we celebrated with our family and relatives this time. Last year we celebrated with some friends in a club. This time, as I told before, most of my friends were not here so we went to our uncle’s.

The evening started great with lots of tasty, yet healthy food. I helped my mother in the kitchen yesterday. Besides the lentil meatballs we made a turkish dish called Fava which is made out of lupin and usually served as Meze, cold selection of food which can be eaten during drinking the traditional alcoholic beverage Raki. We also made a courgette-garlic salad, artichoke, and a cheese cake. I will post more about cooking day tomorrow for my 30-days-challenge :)

As we arrived at our uncle at about 7 pm, we only waited about 5 minutes until our family friends arrived as well. Our childhood friend was also there. They also bought some food like meatballs, an aubergine dish, bean salad, carrot salad, and little syrup tarts. My aunt made chicken wings, stuffed bell peppers, green salad, soup, and a vegetable-mayonnaise salad. So yummy!

After about half an hour, we went to the kitchen to begin eating. Here is all the food:

Back row from left to right: Bean salad, artichokes, courgette salad
Front row from left to right: carrot salad, Fava, lentil meatballs
Again the courgette salad and the lentil balls. On the right is a potato salad and filled bell peppers
Potato salad and filled bell peppers again. Plus the mayonnaise salad
The aubergine dish and the green salad

I couldn’t take a photo of every dish, because everyone was super hungry and thus I had to hurry up, but these were the most.

I took of almost everything, except the Fava, artichokes,  and the meat. I am not a vegetarian,  but somehow I didn’t feel like eating meat yesterday.



The rest of the evening and night was spent in talking, drinking, and eating more. Soon, it was shortly before midnight.  We were surprised how fast the time has passed. When it was 00:00 we went outside to watch the fire show. My uncle’s house is on a hill from where we could get a great view. But I didn’t stay too long, because the smoke was getting too dense. When everyone got inside we played a few rounds of Bingo. I won 2 of 4 rounds and won a few Euros. It might sound strange, but the turkish people usually play Bingo or other games with money, but everyone gives 50ct-1€ per round. So you can’t actually lose much. We do these games to see how our luck is for the new year. And if you lose in luck, you’ll win in love, they say :D we couldn’t play more than 4 rounds because the men suddenly began argumenting about football. It was too loud then, so we just let it be.

After that, we ate cake and everyone started dancing later. I imitated my father’s drunk moves and it was just too hilarious I almost died :’D After our laughing and dancing sessions, we opened a bottle of bubbly. It was already after 3 am. Then we decided to play a game of Ludo. My brother joined us as well. It was a fun round, and guess what: I won! *o*

As we finished, it was about 5 am. We decided to leave now. Outside, the ground was frozen so we had to be careful while driving. My brother drove us, because he only had a glass of wine at about 8 pm. Although my brother was driving slow, the car started drifting zick zack on the street as he pushed the brake.  Fortunately, there were no cars in the streets, or else we would have had an accident.

It was a cozy and funny New Year’s Eve. It was different from last year, but it was still good. I am very curious about the 2014 now :)

I also have some resolutions for 2014. The first time ever. Usually, I don’t think that New Year’s resolutions are useful or needed, but this year I want to try to change some things. First of all, I want to do more sports at home, and in spring and summer also outside. I also want to spend less time on Facebook and write more. As well as read more books. I have become a slow reader in the last few years. Although I read the whole year through, I am quite slow. Probably because I am reading classics since the end of 2011 due to university :) But I also read classics in my free time. I would also like to read more recent books, especially Japanese Literature. And The Cuckoo’s Calling is alsoon my list. Furthermore, I want to save my money for a little laptop, and find a decent holiday job to save money for my Erasmus in England. I still have a lot to do this year, so I really hope for the best.

I hope all of you had a nice evening yesterday as well,  without any accidents or bitter moments.


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