A dedication to headgear

I love bonnets and hats, and that’s why I thought I’d make a post about headgear. Here I will list some of the different bonnets and hats that are most important for the fashion scene.

Let’s start with bonnets:

1) Beret: You all know which one it is. Very popular for fashionistas who want to get a classy, french chicness. I always thought about buying one, but never managed to.


2) Beanie: This is the kind of bonnet I wear more often. It has already been commercialized by today’s Hip Hop scene in which you leave air on top of the beanie, so that it looks like a jelly bag cap.


3) Bobble Hat: The cute version of a beanie with a fluffy bobble on top. A classic head wear for the cold winter which looks fashionable at the same time.


4) Knit cap: This looks like the beanie, but i less fashionable.


5) Ushanka: It probably keeps your ears extremely warm, and is especially worn in cold countries like Russia or Canada. It is not my favorite bonnet, because it is originally made of fur. But I would recommend the fake fur ones.


6) Ear baffle bonnet: Iam not quite sure if this is the real name of it. But it is very functional, keeps your ears and cheeks super warm and can also have some models which look cute. As a kid I always had these, but I was always being laughed at. But I loved these so much I never wanted to stop wearing them up until I was 18/19.


And now the most stylish piece of headwear that is conquering the fashion world: Hats!

1) Trilby: I love this classic form of this. If you have long hair to both sides of your head, this looks more fashionable. I definitely want of this.


2) Bowler: A bowler always reminds me of Cornelius Fudge of the Harry Potter series. Seems like he is way too cool for a witch hat. But a Bowler is appearing in many fashion shops now. I saw a red one in H&M lately and will think about buying one.



3) Cloche Hat: This is a very lady like way of wearing a hat. I saw few of these in Basel and liked them very much. They look so cute!


4) Fedora: I own one of these in a pruple-burgundy tone and I LOVE it! It has a ribbon around the top part, and a feather. It looks amazing, but unfortunately, I can’t wear it so often here, or else people look at me funny.


5) Homburg hat: It looks a bit like a Fedora, only the brim is rounder, shorter, and slightly rolled up. It is still rather a man’s hat, but I am sure that it will soon conquer the women’s fashion world.


And here is my little headgear collection:


I have only 4 bonnets left now. A few years ago I still had 2 more, one purple and one grey, but they were slowly slipping down off my head. The newest one of those is the penguin bonnet. I bought it in September from Primark. I am a big fan of animal bonnets. The brown one on the left side is a badger. I got it from H&M about 2 years ago. It was my first animal bonnet, and I wanted this one because it was the house animal of Hufflepuff. Then there is the yellow one. It keeps my head quite warm and has a warm color. I bought it about 3 years ago, also from H&M. As you can see I am a big fan of the headgear this shop has to offer. The red bonnet is rather a cute one, with a ribbon on the side. It is quite thin and not suitable for really cold days, but perfect for autumn. I also got this fdom H&M, about 2 or 3 years ago.


This is my burgundy fedora. I love its color and the feather. And I definitely want to buy more hats. When I will go to England I can wear them as often as I like.

So, this was the post to some of the most popular and beautiful headgear for women. I hope you liked it. Thank you for reading.






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