Shopping Crowds everywhere

Today, I decided to do some shopping after sitting at home for 3 days during the holidays. I needed a pair of thermo tights and also wanted to buy some bath bombs from the Christmas sale. However, as we got there, there were no reduced bathbombs left anymore :'( Only all those boxes, lip scrubs, and shower gels. I wanted bath bombs so badly, as I posted yesterday, because Lush bombs are so amazingly wonderful and magical. It’s like living in a fantasy world for a few minutes or hours *o*

However, we continued with Zara and Mango, and both were so damn crowded, not to mention the queue on the cash box, so we went outside again. Frustrated by the crowds, we went to get some Cronuts at the Donuts Store there. I got one with Gingerbread and my sister got one with Noisette. 


After that we strolled through a bookstore and to H&M. I also didn’t buy any books, because my money went for my thermo thights I bought at the drugstore before going to the Donuts store. 

After getting exhausted a little bit, we headed for the train station. I had the excellent idea of going to the Candy Shop there. I don’t know why I wanted to go inside the candy shop, however, I found candy canes, one for 1€, so I bought one because it was ages since the last time I had bought one. My sister also bought a shower gel for 1€ from the body shop. After that, we finally went home. 


Soon it’s the New Year, so I will also write a review about this year 2013, as well as write down my thoughts about the coming year. 

Until then,  have a nice evening and good night :)


4 thoughts on “Shopping Crowds everywhere

  1. Writing a review for the new year sounds like a pretty good idea. I think I’ll do one too. I’ve never wrote book reviews but I’m pretty sure I can write a review on my year and I must ask, what are lush bombs?

    You sounded pretty thrilled about them. It might have to be something I write down so I have ideas on what to get the next lucky last I start dating :)


    1. Haha Lush is a cosmetics brand selling vegan and handmade soaps, shower gels, shampoos, make up, body lotions, face lotions and more. The bath bombs are very different to any bombs you will use while bathing. They color the water, or stars or flowers come out, or just simple bubbke baths :) you have to try some from that brand. It is gorgeous.


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